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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


And then they scrapped his final issue (or two) before it was published, leaving the storyline unfinished.

Edit: until a far inferior conclusion was published in the series’ Annual, by an almost entirely different creative team, that managed to turn a taut thriller into a superhero slug fest. Massively disappointing.


Yep, even in the Premier League of DC’s mistakes, that one is in a class of its own.

DC had a really good book and they completely screwed it over due the Kate-Maggie relationship getting serious.


DC’s Convergence was a massive waste of time, from all accounts, but The Question mini series was a nice epilogue to that run. Worth getting if you haven’t already done so.


Yes more accurately he quit as they refused to go along with his story idea of the marriage. I think it is ‘forced out’ at best rather than ‘fired’ (and he went on to draw Sandman: Overture for them so there’s a relationship still there with DC but it could be through gritted teeth as he says at the back of the trade how he’s an enormous Sandman fan and dreamed of drawing it for years).


Yes, I was being vague about details so as not to spoil where that run went for anyone picking up the issues in the sale. :slight_smile:

I noticed he went to do some work for other publishers after Sandman, so it may be that he doesn’t have any desire to work with DC past that at the moment.


Yes, I suspect that might be the case and Sandman was a special project for him.






I know - Awesome, right…

I read The Flintsones digitally (it’s absolutely fantastic) but I had to order this one in print!


Well, it has booster in it. I may have to get this one.


I dunno, I liked Convergence quite a bit. Obviously, Marvel did too. There some real gems in the two-issue mini-series, like the reprise of Millar’s Red Son. A lot of people thought Jeff King’s Telos was a pointless follow-up, but I appreciated the increasingly rare stab at introducing a major new character.


So, Superman #19 confirmed what I said some months ago in this same thread…

Pre-Flashpoint Superman and New 52 Superman were originally the same guy that was split in two. PF thought he came from a different universe but in fact he was just remembering the timeline before the retcon. New 52 was affected by the removal of time it and thus became 10 years younger. The same goes with both Lois. Pre-Flashpoint and Post-Flashpoint are the same universe, something that was alreay pretty clear in DC Universe Rebirth.


Flintstones has been getting amazing reviews. I plan to grab it the next time they have a digital sale. Mark Russell is very good at social satire and I really liked his Prez boook.


Did anything happen with that guy?

DC touted him as the “newest biggest thing evaaarrr!”


I did like a lot of the mini’s. Some were clearly just filler, but there were quite a few good ones. The Question by Rucka and Hamner being my fave.

I didn’t read the main event, nor the Telos follow up. Both just looked dull.


The biggest mistake King made with him was drawing out the mystery of his identity before Brainiac recruited him, which wasn’t revealed until the Telos series itself, and then not even the first issue. Writers like mysteries like that. Impatient fans don’t.

What I liked most about Convergence was that it was a fun little continuity story, drawing on years of unrelated stuff and integrating it, like a reverse Crisis. It led directly to the current Superman status quo, besides, which will probably be its lasting legacy. And it was basically an Earth 2 event, which I also appreciated, even though most fans didn’t. They found it, especially the World’s End weekly series and Society follow-up, a jumbled mess, but I found the results to be refreshing.



that was a good list. I love that Titans made no.2. I just finished the trade of Titans Hunt because I needed to catch up with Mal and Karen(Herald and Bumblebee). At the end they included a couple of the original pages only with Wally drawn in into them. It was a great touch in my opinion. It also included a scene where Batman brings Robin to a ride along with the Justice League and the scene where the Titans all remember who Wally is, which was very nice because it involved personal moments rather than action.


Hi! I am new to this thread. Just chiming in to say how much I am enjoying the Superman titles right now! I was a hardcore DC fan for many years, and collected the Superman titles pretty religiously from the mid 90s up through The New 52. I gave The New 52 a fair shot… I collected it for about a year and then felt it just was not for me, and ended up dropping all the DC titles I was reading.

I started picking up Action Comics and Superman again after Rebirth, and I have been absolutely loving them. I also picked up Super Sons 1 and 2 and Trinity 1 - 6. I definitely feel like “my” Superman is back for the first time in a long time, and it has brought me back to DC.

Anyone else feel the same way?


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Titans Hunt was really good. And I say this as someone who has no real interest in Teen Titans at all.

It bodes well for the Rebirth Book.