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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Yeah it’s fantastic. I spoke about this last week and the Cowan issue in particular is strong. I just hope it is selling.


One of the benefits of the double shipping is that there’s a lot of velocity - even a series that lasts a year gets 24 issues.

With the upcoming Titans/Teen Titans Judas Contract Redux crossover, seems pretty assured the book will get a little boost and end up with at least 24-30 issues, which is a respectable run.

I’ll hope for more, of course.

Priest’s writing here is meticulous in a way that would well suit a more traditional Detective Comics, I think. If/when the current Bat-X-Men direction ends, he’d be a great choice.


All right then when’s the first trade due?


This month I think.

And yeah, they’re right. It’s a good book. Basically it is a family drama about Deathstroke…


Just found it at BD for £10.63, which is good for a 7-issue trade.

Now, are you lot done getting me to spend cash?


It came out this week.


Orlando isn’t as bad as you’re laying out but he’s not great either. He’s kind of the Charles Soule of DC. Neither of them “suck” and I know some people like them but when I read one of their books I never feel like I get a full meal, so to speak.



(hope you dig it! – I think it will read even better in trade, as there is a lot of temporal jumping and unexplained cuts that make more sense in context than issue by issue).


Charles Soule’s Swamp Thing run is worth a look as is his She Hulk.
Strange Attractors was also really good.

I think he’s another one of these writers whose creator stuff, or c list stuff is a lot stronger than their mandated work for hire.
See also Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindtt, Pete Milligan, Cullen Bunn etc

Also, just in the interests of fairness, I have put up some really favourable comments about Orlando’s work on the 4 JL Rebirth one shots he wrote - so I’m tentatively optimistic about the DC stuff I have not got to yet


Oh I like Soule’s Daredevil and liked Orlando’s Midnighter series, they just don’t quite move the needle for me.


I’ve loved just about everything I’ve seen from Soule. His Lando Calrissian was pretty brilliant, as was his Civil War. I just recently sampled his Daredevil, and it was completely up to snuff.

Anyone who hasn’t sampled Lemire and Kindt over at Valiant has no idea what they’re missing. Divinity has been a consistent must-read. Lemire’s Bloodshot is kind of like Wolverine as rebooted for the present (so it kind of figures that he ended up writing Wolverine, too). I’d also highly recommend checking out Jan Van Meter’s Death-Defying Doctor Mirage.


I second these recommendations, the Valiant OHCs also tend to be excellent value for money with production values to match.

Kindt’s Ninjak is a fun read too. Haven’t yet read Rai as I’m waiting for the 4001 OHC.


For fans of Batwoman


Of those, I highly recommend Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics run (although the Jock issues aren’t as impressive), and then Batwoman #1 - 17 (one big story arc). The series really goes off the rails after that, particularly once Williams is fired.

After #17, go straight to the DC Rebirth era Detective Comics (the first three issues are on sale too).


I’ll endorse this. Though the Greg Rucka issues are really the only ones I care for. The backups are pretty good in those issues too.


Rene Montoya, the Huntress, and Cully Hamner. What’s not to like?


Exactly. I loved New 52 but that storyline was one of the biggest losses to it.


They fired JH Williams??


Well, they put the mockers on his planned storyline regarding Kate’s romance, so he left the book.