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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I finished the 4th and final JLA Reirth one shot today.

I don’t really like Orlando as a writer. He’s just never caught my attention with any of his books and I know he wrote the monstrosity (pun not intended) of a cross over on the bat books a few months ago (as I’m led to believe, the co-writer credits were really just a consultation to ensure the titles were not completely derailed by the crossover).
I’ve stated it so many times that I’m paranoid it’s too many - no one wants to read that over and over, particularly not people who enjoy his work.

So after the Vixen, The Atom, The Ray and Killer Frost Rebirth issues, I’m really feeling positive for the JLA book.
Each issue stands up on its as a nice done in one issue - all while preparing the audience for more.

I was genuinely interested in each of their stories and 4 from 4 is a superb hit rate for this sort of thing.
I also liked all of the characters and I’m looking forward to seeing them all again in the main title.
I do have a soft spot for The Ray and The Atom, just from generally reading DC books for years and the great Ray series of the 90s.

Throw Lobo into that mix and there’s the makings of a really interesting team book.

I hope Orlando’s writing is up to this standard throughout, if it is I can see me changing my mind very quickly about him.


Not reading the books, but it seems Mr Oz is obviously being teased as Ozymandias but it seems like such a clear bait and switch.


I’m finding Orlando’s Supergirl series hit-and-miss. He does some things really well, then other things just don’t seem to quite work. I get the feeling that Orlando should be a great writer but hasn’t quite nailed it yet. Or maybe he just hasn’t completely clicked with me personally.


A beautiful Bill Sienkiewicz cover for DK3 #8:

Miller’s cover is ok, but feels very similar to previous WW pieces.


Both those covers made me feel sad for the same reasons :smile:


Not enough underwater action?


Wow! That is amazing. I kind of actually want that as a large oil painting in my house. Or maybe a similar styled painting of Superman. :wink:

Have you ever had underwater action? It’s pretty nice. :wink:


Well, this thread has taken an odd twist.



Ever had an odd twist? They’re kinda NICE :slight_smile:


psshh now I’m even more sad for another reason =(


Don’t feel too bad. It has it’s own problems:


I was just talking about sex in a pool with regular human beings, but hey, if your mind went straight for weird transpecies stuff… god bless ya! :smile:


Just read deathstroke 11 and the legendary Christopher Preist is again doing something very special on this run - he’s a writer to be treasured and I hope that this book is selling well, because it’s a honour for DC to have him come back from semi retirement - although as far as I’ve read he’s still doing his day job (which he loves) while writing.

It helps in this issue that he’s joined by 2 other legends in Denny Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz - a great done in one issue and a creative team that DC should be shouting from the rooftops about.



I feel sad for WW’s spine…


Justice Society Of America Comic “Already Planned”


What’s his day job?


He’s a coach driver

Said he’s always wanted to be one and loves it


Like cab driver? Or like horse drawn carriage coach?