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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Fair enough? Fair enough!?

That’s not fair at all, the 21st century started on January 1, 2001.

I’m not always wrong, but when I am, I am DEAD wrong!


OK, I’m going to do one for mainstream DCU (or related) stuff - so no Vertigo, ABC or Wildstorm, or they’d seriously unbalance the list. :slight_smile:

  1. All-Star Superman (Morrison/Quitely)
  2. DC: The New Frontier (Cooke)
  3. Batman (Morrison/various)
  4. Batwoman (Rucka/JHW3)
  5. Superman: Secret Identity (Busiek/Immonen)
  6. Gotham Central (Brubaker/Rucka/Lark)
  7. Final Crisis (Morrison/various)
  8. Batman: Hush (Loeb/Lee)
  9. Dark Knight Strikes Again (Miller)
  10. Seven Soldiers (Morrison/various)

Runners-up would include Multiversity, Batman: Black Mirror, Superman: Birthright, the Snyder/Capullo Batman run, Red Son, Justice, and probably loads more that I’m forgetting at the moment.



Let’s see.

DC proper, in no particular order…

All Star Superman
New Frontier
Morrison’s Batman
Seven Soldiers + Final Crisis (I see them as one big thing)
Dark Knight Strikes Again
Dial H
Azzarello + Chiang’s Wonder Woman
Omega Men

I’d have to think harder for a more expansive thread, but…

Top Ten
Sandman: Endless Nights/Sandman Overture
…would all be included.

EDIT: Lot of Morrison on the list. I think lately I’ve started to come off him just a little bit, but his work in the DCU has still be seminal for me, always interesting and energetic (in no small part due to the collaborators he gets).

By the time we come to Multiversity his superhero work often has the feel of regurgitation, but when it hits its highs it’s legitimately brilliant(Pax), packed with ideas (Secret Society,) or very fun without being simple (ThunderWorld).

I think, with no constraints, Tom King has the potential to create the next big thing as he did with Vision, his Animal Man or Swamp Thing. I hope so, anyway.


All the Moore ABC stuff for me, really, I think. With Wildstorm you’ve got Planetary and the Authority too, which I think would make it. Definitely Seaguy as well.

But I think one of the biggies that I regretted having to leave out of my DCU list was BKV and Harris’ Ex Machina. A great series that I feel has been a bit forgotten over the years, although I know it has some other fans here.


I’d have to re-read it, i guess. I think BKV does a lot really, really well, but until Saga I didn’t feel he was really CHALLENGING me, if that makes sense (and even that I’ve fallen off, as I think it will work better as one big thing).

From Wildstorm Planetary would absolutely make my list…I really enjoyed everything from ABC, but with the exception of Top Ten there was always a little something that held it back; League became an exercise in reference, Promethea was essentially lecture, Tom Strong was extremely clean and well done but it didn’t exactly shine a light on the human condition for me (not that this was its main goal, and not that it wasn’t subtly characterful much of the time). I would include Promethea because it was formally experimental and brilliant and because JH Williams III is certainly one of the best artists the medium has ever had.

Everything in the ABC line was truly excellent, and would undoubtedly make my top 15 even…but without thinking it through, I’m not 100% sure of my top ten.


Ignoring Wildstorm, Vertigo, and creator owned (e.g. Peter David’s Fallen Angel), my top ten 21st century DC would look like this (no particular order):

Detective Comics (Rucka’s original post-NML run)
Detective Comics (Snyder’s “Black Mirror”)
Detective Comics (Tynion’s current run)
Batman -> Incorporated (Morrison, including Final Crisis)
Batwoman (Williams, including Detective Comics)
Gotham Central
Checkmate (Rucka)
Action Comics (Joe Kelly)
Wonder Woman (Azzarello)
Legion (Abnett & Lanning, including Lost/ Worlds/ etc.)


Hmm, let’s see if I can get to 10.

Doctor 13
Johns/Katz/Jurgens Booster Gold
Dini’s Detective
Secret Six
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis
Birds of Prey (Simone mainly)
Y: The Last Man
Erm… Manhunter?
Sugar & Spike!


Johns’ Green Lantern, Rebirth Through War of the Lanterns
Millar’s Superman: Red Son
Kelly’s Action Comics
Morrison’s Seven Soldiers
Snyder’s Batman
All-Star Superman
Simone’s Secret Six
Morrison’s Batman/Final Crisis
Williams’ Batwoman
Waid’s Legion of Super Heroes (Pre One Year Later)

Runner-Up: Johns’ Flash
EDIT: Runner-up-to-the-Runner-Up: Metzler’s Green Arrow

Been a pretty solid decade-plus in terms of memorable runs.


Actually, thinking on it, I’d drop Aquaman for All Star Superman.


DC’s May solicits are up in the regular spots, collected for convenience in the Solicitations for May thread.

Solicitations for May 2017 (w/Previews Text)

My list probably won’t have much that hasn’t been mentioned a dozen times already:

All-Star Superman (Morrison/Quitely)
Batwoman ( J. H. Williams III)
Multiversity (Morrison/various)
Superman: Red Son (Millar/Johnson/Plunkett)
Dial H (Miéville/Santolouco)
Legion Lost (Abnett.Lanning/Coipel)
Sugar & Spike (Giffen/Evely)
Wonder Woman (Rucka/various) (2003-whenever Infinite Crisis ruined it, and again 2016-present, so I guess that’s two runs)

Struggling for the last two places, so I’ll go with the early part of Waid’s Legion and Giffen/DiDio’s OMAC for want of anything better…


The Atom Rebirth book was really great.

Nothing ground breaking, just really fun to read and the art by Andy McDonald, whom I’ve never heard of, was lovely - nice and clean. Great colours as well.

This is the first Steve Orlando book I’ve liked. I hope it bodes well for the future as he seems to be a key writer for DC going forward.




How far has the Watchmen stuff progressed since the Rebirth special?


It’s just been bread crumbs from what I understand but I don’t read nearly everything.


Not far, so far. I think the next big steps forward are March and April. The Superman crossover (dealing with Mr Oz) and the Batman/ Flash crossover (dealing with the button).

Titans has pretty much been a Wally West book since Rebirth, and what happened to him was an integral part of the first arc. But I don’t believe there was anything overtly Watchmen in there (trade waiting this myself).


Thanks guys. I haven’t read much Rebirth yet but I’m curious about how they’re handling the Watchmen stuff.


It kind of reminds me how DC led up to Crisis. Little mentions here, little clues there, in totally random books.


I’m enjoying how they are drip feeding it - it’s giving the books plenty of breathing space to do their own thing, with the odd teaser here and there.

The Button is very much a crossover I’m looking forward to & I love those covers.