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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here



Super Powers is getting reprinted in a new edition soon. I didn’t realise it was a Kirby thing - I might check it out.

Also Forager! That’s a character I’ve been keen to see used ever since I first saw him on a VS trading card about 12 years ago and Allred is a great choice to do it.


It appears that all the Kirby Super Powers material is available plus some in this hardcover.

Which is only a little bit more expensive than what appears to be the upcoming softcover of just the Super Powers material.


My introduction to Forager was Cosmic Odyssey:


Wow! :heart_eyes:

I’ve never read Cosmic Odyssey before. Those pages look f’ing epic. I can’t wait to get hold of the upcoming Drluxe hardcover now!


It’s really great. I highly recommend it.


The artwork by Mignola is great.

I hate everything else about it.


Do you hate fun too? :wink:


Haha, no, just bad writing. :wink:


I can’t say that I was overly taken with it either. I thought it was okay, but I wasn’t a huge fan.

Nice Mignola art though.


Yeah, can’t stress enough how BRILLIANT I felt the artwork was. At every turn, it was something so special.



My only real issue was the stain it left on John Stewart.



I thought it was something that gave that character a lot of nuance. More so than a lot of the other Green Lanterns.


Inspired by the conversation in the Marvel thread, what are our nominations for DC’s top ten runs of the 21st Century?

I might have to think a while on mine…


Mmm, that would indeed be difficult.

Does Vertigo count? How about ABC (which began in 1999 but were most published in the 21st)?


Good question! Use whatever criteria you like I guess.


If Vertigo counts, Y is at the bloody top of the list.

If not, then…

Grant Morrisson Batman
Snyder Batman
All-Star Superman
Secret Six by Simone
I really enjoyed 52 at the time it came out, but I’m not sure it’s holding up.
JLA by porter and Morrisson


I’m going to make you feel old now, but Morrison and Porter’s JLA came out in the late '90s. :slight_smile:

(Although the final Morrison issues did stretch into very early 2000, so fair enough.)