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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I can’t second-guess Denny O’Neil, but I take statements like that mean back to more grounded roots, dealing with more realistic problems instead of having rainbow Batmen and whimsical aliens and whatever else the Silver Age threw up. The Golden Age stories were more “real” in the world they portrayed, but they still portrayed it without broken limbs and disembowelments littering the page (which is what some writers seem to think “gritty” means).


You can see full unbridled Kirby Superman in the first SUPER POWERS mini. HIGHLY recommended, especially the last couple of issues, where he takes over scripting completely, and introduces concepts and finishes it off in a way that puts everything else to shame.

ALSO! The Allreds (Mike, Laura, Lee) doing a mini series on Kirby’s FORAGER THE BUG (New Gods)!!! Amazing!!!


Just keep in mind that chronic traumatic encephalopathy never goes out of style.


Thanks for the recommendation. Does this have all the recommended material?

Also, it looks like even his Super Powers work wasn’t completely immune to having the faces redrawn. Check out the fix over Superman’s face here.


For all I love Kirby, he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near Wonder Woman :smiley: . His great weakness was that he couldn’t draw beautiful woman. Strong women, yes. Not beautiful ones.


Are you trying to say that strong women are not beautiful? :wink:

If you look close, it also looks like there has been some fiddling done with Kirby’s pencils on her face too.


Many strong women are beautiful. Just not the ones Kirby drew :wink:

I think you’re right about the re-touching there, and I actually think it’s made it worse!


I hadn’t really seen much Wonder Woman by him until today but I always thought his rendition of Big Barda looked good.




The prosecution rests, your honour :wink:


That is so true. Kirby couldn’t draw an attractive woman to save his life.

If you want someone to draw beautiful women, you go to John Romita, Sr.


Or John Buscema.


Here’s an article for @davidm: “And why doesn’t Batman dance anymore?” The importance of the Dark Knight’s lighter side


Screw you guys and your Jack Kirby hate. :wink:


Speaking of which:


That actually looks pretty great too. Dammit DC is making me poor these days.


Would you guys stop being mean to Ronnie.

He’s actually a really nice guy.


And to add:


For a Canadian :wink: