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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’ve read it. Pretty exciting.


Yep. Went from mildly optimistic to excited about Wild Storm #1. I get the feeling that Ellis is a bit like William Gibson was and is writing backwards in time.


I was bit surprised he brought back Lynch but not Craven.


craven is there. he appears in one of the sketches.
this is him


I thought that was Lynch?


can’t be Lynch. No Sideburns LOL


Maybe I had it backwards then and I was surprised there was Craven but no Lynch. :smile:


Any idea if it’s online anywhere? I’d love to read it but hate to buy a random issue.


The article is in every DC comic from 2/8 & Wild Storm comes out on 2/15




Thanks Gar.

Holy, hell, this sounds excellent: Plans on the scale of 2-3 years across a small, contained set of books that are also ambitious as fuck.

Trade-waiting this lot is going to be hard but worth it.


Thanks to Comixology I could just screenshot and paste from the back of the latest Batman issue.

Couldn’t find anything in a Google search on Ellis’ manifesto and it is impressive so deserves to be shared.


Man. That Wild Storm stuff sounds so good. Brilliant move by DC to have WE spearhead this. This could revitalize my interest like the Ultimate line did in it’s heyday.
Interesting that it doesn’t seem to be concerned with the BIG BIG stuff like Stormatch and Authority did.


Neither did WS when it started. It started very simple. Both starts focus on jacob marlowe and Halo corp.


True. I forgot that I read everything out of order - started with The Authority and worked my way to the Alan Moore WildCats and then Stormwatch.


I think it’s a good idea for Ellis not to try and repeat or top his previous work too. If he goes ‘widescreen’ save the universe stuff then it’s likely not going to match up nearly 20 years on.


A little something for @davidm:



What is that? Retro redesigns of DC superheroes? :confused:


Promo art for a new DC Elseworlds imprint. The tagline is “What If… DC Comics Were Good Again?”


So they’re basically just stealing from “What if … ?” now.

How derivative, DC :rolling_eyes: