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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


In rather UNFORTUNATE (as fuck) news, this Previews also confirms issue 18 as the last for unfollow

Id really like to know the inside story on that one - I’m a bit baffled by it.


That sounds really odd.


Is anyone reading the Young Animal titles?

After reading Cave Carson 3 & 4 I’ve totally lost interest in it.

I can’t remember anything about Mother Panic, although I’m sure I have 1 or 2 issues in my Comixolgy that I’ve still to get to - unless they are remarkable I can see that getting the chop also.

Shade is keeping me reading by a ball hair and I’m giving Doom Patrol the benefit of the doubt, at least until I read the issues I’ve bought but not got round to.

I think these comics concentrating to hard on being cool and quirky with little attention given to plot - which is in deep contrast to the heavily plot & character driven Rebirth titles.

I’ve gone from being really excited about the books to growing less and less interested - I feel like it’s all been done before, better.

Anyone else having a better experience reading them? Maybe I should have opted to read in trade, but I’ve not got the desire to go back to the first issues and start again on them.


I should add that the appearance of Wild Dog in the second issue of cave Carson served no purpose other than nostalgia. It was a total waste of a very good reveal.


And the back up strips are shit in every possible sense


I’ve enjoyed Doom Patrol but ended up passing on the other books after either reading the first issue or a preview. I’m actually enjoying Doom Patrol but I really like Way and never read the Morrison material.


I’m not reading them, so maybe I shouldn’t comment, but that’s the same vibe I get from them - it’s like they’re trying to hard to be cool. Although the guy doing the covers on Doom Patrol is amazing - are the interiors as good?

Much more excited by the Wildstorm reboot.


I strongly, strongly recommend the Morrison stuff.



Nick Spencer is going after DC on Twitter, I think making the assertion that Rebirth is nowhere near the sales success most people assume it to be.


Supposedly the returns have been very high on the Rebirth stuff - I gather that the first six issues of all the double-shipping books were returnable.


Spencer’s logic seems to be that the Rebirth titles cost 1 dollar less than the New 52 titles, and 20% have been returned, so any sales numbers have to be read in light of that. If you take those factors into account, they’re less successful than DC claim.


Nick has been doing work for Marvel and I don’t think their sales are that spectacular so this could be a glass house situation.


Yes for sure. Thing is, I love the guy’s work so purely for that reason I want to believe him!

Edit to add: I have nothing against DC and would love them to blow the lid off, sales-wise


Nick is a good writer but not coming off very well getting involved in this conversation.

It sounds like sour grapes following the premature termination of (the brilliant) Morning Glories and the poor reception of his Captain America book.

Also DLwhatever is name is, reminds me why I don’t engage online elsewhere than Millarworld.

Marvel Comics: Not-So-Secret Empire is here!
Marvel Comics: Not-So-Secret Empire is here!

Unfortunately, I’m more sceptical as Spencer and DC have had their run-ins (Supergirl).



There is always a bit of competition going on in these things behind the scenes and it’s natural to root for your team or want to keep your job. I really hate it when it comes to this kind of sniping though.

I once asked Jonathan Hickman why he was prematurely taken off of Ultimates which was finally brilliant for the first time since the Chief stepped away from it. He said New 52 was just killing them on sales. So they couldn’t justify keeping him on the book.


To be fair to Spencer, I’ve enjoyed both his Cap books for the most part and I don’t have a problem with any of the story decisions he’s made, I think it made for an interesting premise. There has been a lot of good stuff in there.

I do think he has a chip on his shoulder about DC however.


He did that Jimmy Olson thing for DC way back when…I liked that a lot.

And I like his Cap books. They have a nifty premise.