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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


He’s talking about Batman stuff. So presumably he’s not trying to put on a show. Why the fuck is he eating a hamburger with a nice and fork. I’ll admit to cutting my burgers in half with a knife before eating but I never use a fork.


Put a pizza in front of him. I want to see just how crazy he is.


It makes me think of this from Seinfeld.


Apparently that’s the way Alfred raised him to eat a burger. Which means that Children Services should have removed Bruce from the house right away.


He will chase deranged criminals through the sewers of Gotham but eat a hamburger with his hands? DISGUSTING!!!


Also, while we’re picking holes, the cheese is underneath the burger rather than on top, which is just wrong.


So bottom line, they are all just heathen savages in Gotham City and the Joker is the real hero in trying to make them better.


But not uncommon in fast food:


Wrong I say.


The Sporkful’s Dan Pashman would tell you just how wrong you are. Get the cheesy goodness closer to the tongue. Jeebus, get your head straight, MAN!


Batman is a forensic pathologist among other hobbies. I’m surprised he doesn’t put on latex gloves before eating. Considering everything he puts his hands into (including various poisons), I doubt he ever touches anything he eats with his bare hands.


What you guys aren’t realising is that’s a major clue teasing the next villain in the series.

Why eat a burger with a knife and fork? See the question marks in the background? Note all the riddles and conundrums and cognitive dissonance that’s popping up in those three panels?

That’s right - the next arc is entitled “I am Crazy Quilt”.


This is who Batman will fight next:


Wow, Robin’s new costume is terrible.


If his diet included burgers then damn right they should :open_mouth:



Yes, they’re oversized. I’ve leafed through them and without giving them the benefit of a read, I can’t quite tell if some of it contains classic repros or if they’re doing purposeful retro. I mean, it looks like a great concept and I always liked the character, but I might have to be a weenie and wait for a TPB.


I want to do JSA too. Very much. I could Ultimates the shit out of that.

I kind of like JSA to remain traditional, but this really intrigues me


I’ve never heard dave gibbons speak before. His voice is amazing. I’d love a dave gibbons gps. I agree with everything he said except that I have no love for the watchmen movie. But damn, that voice!


For anyone else who is reading the fantastic Clean Room, (surely not just Robert and I) this month’s Previews has issue 18 down as an ‘end of season one’. Not a last issue. Which is good news.

I hope they are spending the break finding an adequate replacement for Jon Davis Hunt who is finally going ‘blow up’ now that Ellis has poached him for the Wildstorm relaunch. (Mark, you should have got in there first). Good luck to them because that’s going to be a very difficult task.