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Superman vs Polaris!


Trump wants to ‘send in the Feds,’ DC Comics has a different idea: Send in Deathstroke


No copy available when I burned off my gift card at a 50% off TPB sale, but I did stock up on other good stuff. I’ll be hunting for this, no doubt.


I want to try this and even went through some of the old classics to bone up for this project, but $7.99 a pop is hard to justify.


Bought Countdown to Infinite Crisis and Infinite Crisis 1-7 on comixology earlier today…

Well THAT was quite a jump from the end of “Countdown…” to Issue 1.


I didn’t realise it was that expensive. Presumably they’re extra-sized issues?


If I remember rightly, the Countdown one-shot was a prelude to several different miniseries and storylines that played out separately and then re-converged to set up the start of Infinite Crisis. That would explain the disconnect.


I was honestly thrown off by the Blue Beetle getting capped bit at the end, and was really hoping to explore that more.


They what? Oh, that’s just massively dumb.

To expand on what Dave said there was 6 months of stories across the multiple titles between it and Infinite Crisis #1, stuff you want to look for are these mini’s:

  • Day of Judgement
  • Rann / Thanagar War (worth reading the Adam Strange mini by Diggle-Ferry before it)
  • Villains United (the start of what became Secret Six)
  • The OMAC Project (start of what became Rucka’s Checkmate series)

They also each had a Infiite Crisis special that I think took place between #5-6 or #6-7 of the main series. There was also a JLA arc leading up to Infinite Crisis too. Rucka’s Wonder Woman run tied in majorly to OMAC Project too.


Didn’t a major part of the Wonder Woman story end up playing out in an issue of Superman too? I remember there being a bit of a fuss about it at the time.


Yeah, it was kind of crazy, but I wouldn’t say the first 3 parts of the story is essential:

It started with a crossover in the middle of OMAC Project with the then 3 Superman books, with a 4th chapter that crossed over into Wonder Woman, with the story then being picked up back in Omac Project #4.

The first 3 chapters are a mind-frelled Superman beating up those Lord deems enemies, which is successful until he sends Superman at Wonder Woman. She works out he’s behind it, in a confrontation, Lord does the usual ‘you can’t save Superman without killing me’ taunt, so she kills him!

To be honest, I found both Batman and Superman to be dicks about it all to her afterwards. There was a far better follow-through on the consequences of it all in an arc Andreyko’s Manhunter run.


Well damn. Can’t say I’m looking forward to piece this story together.


Honestly, a lot of the lead up was better than Infinite Crisis itself.


On Comixology it’s $4.99 for what it says is 43 pages.


I loved Infinite Crisis. Reading it monthly it did a solid job of building the story up through the minis. And I thought the core series felt suitably epic, even if it did fall apart slightly with the art changes towards the end.


Villains United is a great little series, and the one shot double sized thing that caps is is pretty swell. The buildup to Infinite Crisis was awesome. All the seeds for the event were being planted for years. The event didn’t quite live up to expectations, but there was almost no way it could have.


That sounds much more reasonable.


I read Aquaman 12 - 15 tonight and I don’t know whether it was the benefit of 4 issues back to back or whether the anti was cranked up, but this felt like a terrific end to an arc that has been building since issue 1.

Great job from Abnett to create such a high stakes, tense storyline and to nail the landing spot on, from what I felt began as a rather run of the mill book.

Really enjoyable.


Bruce Wayne is a horrible human being.


And people say the Joker is crazy…