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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I think the New Frontier movie benefitted by having at least a more unified narrative. All-Star on the other side was composed of several standalone issues whithin the larger plot, and that doesn’t translate very well to a movie.


They left out the issue where Pa Kent dies, which is my favorite All-Star issue :’(


One of mine too but I can see why they did it.

That one was probably my second favorite. Issue #10 was my favorite.


I wish they made an animated movie of Tomasi and Gleason’s first arc. They already did Son of Batman, so why not complete the duo :wink:


The animated film was nothing but disappointment for me. It HAD to be – there was too much story to take care of, but the best bits of New Frontier were, for me, the side stories, the small moments; John Cloud and the Losers, Ted Grant’s last moment as a champion


For digital readers I saw that the digital editions of the monthlies will be staying at 2.99…so, essentially, they’re banking on shop-goers happy to get a 6 dollar value for 4.

Everyone wins! ALthough i’m sure someone is upset


I don’t disagree. I think it clued a lot more people in to such a great story though.


This is comics. Some people win by getting to be upset about nothing. :wink:


It wasn’t the comic but it was a good movie. I had more of a problem with the All-Star movie though, but that has more to do with the structure of the comic as I said above.

Red Son movie when though? :wink:


I think they did it as a motion comic quite a while ago.


That’s good, I was about to post that they should just keep digital to $2.99 - that’s fair so the move to $3.99 does not bother me in this case because I’m reading all of this digitally just now at £1.99 per issue and there is no change.


It’s not enough :’(


I actually really enjoyed the All Star Superman movie. The climax of that one really, really worked for me, and the Lex Luthor was especially on point.

It didn’t caputre all that ASS had, but it captured the heart. Something was deeply missing, emotionally, from the New Frontier movie I think. At least for me.


The movie looked great, but New Frontier is a vast sprawling book. There were lots of little disgressions that happened in the book and things like inner monologues that just wouldn’t translate.

I haven’t watched in a while. Nor have I read the comics in a while. Must take a look at them.


A reprint and a preview (announced last Oct.) were billed as “Top Secret”?
I’m thinking some kind of plan was changed and/or delayed.


That’s pish

I’d put my previews order in today and included that - if I knew what it was I wouldn’t have bothered


I’m pretty sure this was supposed to reveal the event Snyder and Capullo are working on, since Snyder said the title was going to be announced around late January/early February.


I don’t know if anyone else is reading Hald Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, but there was a great meta moment in the last issue -

The Lanterns are smashing open Brainiac bottles to release those imprisoned inside, when a constructed hand grabs one of the detained from Guy Gardener before he can release the prisoner…

Drawing a line under what was the New 52’s worst reinvention.


Who is it?


I dunno how to do spoilers.

It’s NuLobo. Original is back now.

Huzzah I sussed it out, bruvvahs.