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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Oh, absolutely. I can understand that. I just think it would be a bigger deal if suddenly Batman cost everyone two extra dollars every month (and I bet it would still be a top seller), so I’m glad they aren’t doing that.

Does anyone else find it odd that while Marvel are pulling the digital codes from their books, DC are adding them?


I don’t know - Marvel have a separate all-you-can-eat subscription service and DC don’t. Maybe Marvel are just keen to move digital readers on to MU.


It’s hard not to see this is a direct swipe at Marvel. That’s certainly how it’s being interpreted all over the internet.

It’s not a perfect solution, but at least they’re giving you something for the extra dollar. I suspect the logic is that these books end up being boutique; perhaps a more fervent/dedicated fanbase, but smaller. Fewer people, willing to pay more.


Cam the comics industry afford to have more boutique comics?


The comics industry is a boutique business.


Exactly. But maybe it shouldn’t be.


Future Quest is ending in April with #12. It seems that was the plan all along, though.


And Batman is crossing over with The Shadow too! Written by Steve Orlando and Scott Snyder with art by Riley Rossmo.


The publishing arm is, certrainly, but as an IP development company, both DC and Marvel are certainly at the top of the mountain, currently. What competes? Looney Tunes? Disney? Barbie?


Yes. Sure. If they’re profitable, why not?

Not exclusivley, mind, but ‘cult’ books are important, too, I think. Not everything needs be a runaway success. Minor, but consistent and fervent, sellers have value. And often end up having an outsized pop cultural impact, years down the line.

Sandman, when it began, was undoubtedly a boutique comic.


I can understand Sandman being boutique, but this announcement is about Batgirl and Teen Titans. These are hardly alternative choices.


Teen Titans not, but Batgirl I think is at least tryign to appeal to a specific audience that is not the typical comic shop goer.

I dunno.


I agree that the main Supes books are rocking between main Supes and Action. I haven’t tried out the others and feel perfectly fine with what Tomasi and Jurgens have been putting out. I love this new gen Kent family and the attention given to their core values in figuring out how to navigate themselves through a new world. The Doomsday storyline may have recycled some, but man, was it explosive! And those of us who grew up on old DC war comics, how awesome was the Dinosaur Island story? You know what I’m talking about.


Have you ever read Darwyn Cooke’s DC: The New Frontier, Ray? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it. Those issues of Superman were a tribute to that story.


The JL animated film of the same name was based off of that, correct? That would make sense. I was just thrilled to pieces by that story. I dug out some of those old war comics immediately after.


Yes. The animated film was good but not nearly as good as the book.


The issue was basically a sequel to the Losers story in New Frontier. I think Tomasi said Superman and Jon were transported to the New Frontier Earth.


SPOILER: Yes, Maxi, you are correct.


Cool, I’ll put it on my priority list to hunt down for the full experience. Like the animated film of All-Star Superman, great for what’s there, but nowhere up to the source material, since there was so much ground to cover.


Exactly. This book is pretty much the same thing. They did a great job at translating but that ultimately meant cutting some really great stuff for the sake of runtime.