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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

Ok then

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Writer Jeff Lemire will pen two new DC Black Label series this fall - Joker: Killer Smile with artist Andrea Sorrentino and The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage with artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz

Joker: Killer Smile will focus on Joker upending the life of an Arkham mental health professional - but not Harley Quinn. Instead Joker’s target will be a new character, Dr. Ben Arnell, created by Lemire and Sorrentino for the series.

The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage by Lemire, Cowan, and Sienkiewicz will explore a version of the titular hero who dies and is reincarnated over and over in his home of Hub City.

Joker: Killer Smile #1 is due out October 30, followed by The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #1 on November 20.


I’ll be looking out for both of those.


Same here. Especially with Denys Cowan back on art for the Question. I loved the series he did with O’Neil back on the 80s.


They’re really going in on dark, seemingly Batman-free, Joker stories with the movie coming out. I think there are two Joker/Harley ones in September/October too.


I know Sejic is doing one of the Harley ones.

Sejic is doing Harleen, and Kami Garcia and Mike Mayhew are doing Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity.

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I’m not overly interested in a Joker book, he’s been done an awful lot, however I will buy this because of the creative team.

Conversely, I’ve been desperate for a Question book for so long now I’d buy it regardless of the team - the fact that this is Lemire, Cowan and Sienkiewicz is an incredible bonus. This has shot to the top of of my ‘most highly anticipated’ list.


Unclear if these are one shots, graphic novels or mini’s. I’m down either way given the creative teams. But, it would be nice to know.

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They’re minis in the wide Batman: Damned format, but they haven’t said how many issues.




Yeah, I don’t know if I’d say I was desperate for a Question book (or at least I didn’t know it), but when this announcement hit a part of my brain cheered. It feels right. But I already want it in OHC (or should I keep that secret?). I know, I know. But I support the monthlies, and when they put this kind of thing together they have to know the collection is part of the overall sales plan.

…from another thread where you respond to @Todd
(“Does it feel like he’s (Bendis) refreshed and revitalized?”)

I completely agree, and I have said he is “refreshed and revitalized”, but upon reflection an unfair statement from me as I did not read a lot of his Marvel stuff. Some, but he put out a lot.
It is the vibe I get, though.

I do enjoy everything he’s doing at DC (well, I’ve pre-ordered the Naomi HC and the vibe has me excited) and if Young Justice doesn’t work for some (@RonnieM) then maybe switch to trades but it is hitting the right notes for me. That first 6 issues is always world building, getting up-to-date, etc. and he’s done that with new characters, empowered females to boot (Jinny Hex? rolled my eyes at first, now may have a crush…).

Now I can’t believe how happy I am he’s the man to take over the Legion of Super-Heroes.
When he says:

Bendis : I stormed right into the offices at DC and said, “Where are the Legion of Super-Heroes? And if you’re not making one, I want them to exist in this universe!”
So I put that on my list right away.
Bendis : It’s been going on, literally, since I walked into the door at DC Comics. It’s been building to this moment.

I believe him, and feel that infectious energy.

32nd Century? I’m ok with that. I guess it’s because he’s mapping out DC’s future and everything is in there (another thing I’m ok with).

Think I had more, but enough for now.
Honestly believe every word I say, so it’s ok to spend your money…


I think you’re safe with this kind of material, the Black Label stuff is all mini series so they are unlikely to get cancelled and you can see their main strategy is long term sales in book form. A lot of painted art that takes too long to suit monthly pacing but looks great for selling collections. Placing stuff out of current continuity usually means lower sales in monthlies but a quick look at Amazon’s graphic novel chart and it does the opposite in that market.


Saint Batman :rofl:


12 issue series written by Didio himself


These actually sound kinda fun.

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Well, count me in.