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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yeah, sadly not surprising news, yet really disappointing none the less.

For all the noise we hear about creator diversity, it saddens me when we have great books like this and people not putting their money where their big mouths are and supporting the books.

People are all talk.

I should also add that I feel 10-15 years ago this book would have been more successful, it’s another example of where there’s too many books in the market just now to sustain the majority of series past just a few issues.

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I love crime books and this is the first I’m hearing about it.


I’d think if you get offered a Vertigo book nowadays you look at where you could end it early if needed. He tried his best but the way Rob Williams had to accelerate the end of Unfollow was pretty tragic. Fraction when he did a lot of ‘done in one’ stories on Hawkeye wasn’t actually a storytelling choice, he said he knew every Hawkeye book up to that point had been cancelled pretty quickly so formatted so it would work if they did.

If I were in charge I’d change the entire approach to how they work Vertigo. When they started in the 90s a lot of their books were mini series, quite a few carried on later when they got some buzz, they should go back to that. It’s a tricky market nowadays as they are competing with a lot of similar material from the likes of Image and Aftershock.

I find myself shying away from some of their books now thinking they probably will end abruptly and be unsatisfying because of that. Launching a mini, doing the best work they possibly can and then seeing if buzz calls for a second volume (especially as Vertigo sells more in trade anyway) would surely be a better option than all these cancelled ongoings.


I wonder if writing a book like it might get cancelled at any point is a secret to keeping things interesting. Hawkeye is a character I would have never really cared about but Fraction made the series super interesting. I think I may have gotten out before the very end when it felt like it was losing a little steam (both in story and scheduling) but that book was top notch for while.


Also, I might need to read the back half of Wild Storm in anticipation of Wildcats. It sounds like the book ended up in a bit better direction that it was when I left off anyway.


I think the first half was stronger TBH.


I really like what Ellis was doing but also understand why some may not like it because he’s basically re-run the concepts with the opposite aesthetic. The original Authority was all about the blockbuster widescreen stuff and this is very contained, much more realistic and subdued.

I personally think it’s just as good but that approach doesn’t really change. It’s a lot more politics and talking than huge space battles.


Helps that the action, when it does occur, is pretty radical and fun too.


I think it’s more that he was playing on some nostalgia factor too and I don’t have the nostalgia for Gen13 or Stormwatch that I do for Wildcats or Authority.


I think there’s an element of that, although as someone without that nostalgia connection for any of it (except a bit for Authority maybe) I’m still really enjoying the whole thing.


That isn’t really a factor for me.

I know the origins of this board are around that material but it kind of passed me by. I finished reading Planetary earlier this year and never read any Gen13. I mean it does play on it but presented in such a different way I’m not sure nostalgia plays that much into it.


Honestly, while I have nostalgia, most of what I feel is rooted in the idea that it’s based off something.
Like, it’s so direct and precise with how it presents some things, that it just makes me feel interesting simply because it’s all rooted in something that came before.

It’s similar to the sensation to reading Marvels for the first time, but that’s maybe going too far.
Something akin to that feeling though.

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The trade’s been bumped to end of October, so guess it would collect the entire series but you never really know with the big two.

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The Back half of Wild Storm dealt with Team 7 and the Authority. It is a very good and compelling story and I recommend it but if you are looking for Wildcats materials there is very little so I would not want you to be disappointed if that is what you are looking for.

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I’m interested in the Authority material though. That’s what I meant by it ended more on something I was interested in.


Did Wild Storm finish already? I completely lost track of it and thought there were a couple issues left.


they are on issue 22 of 24

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Jill Thompson was involved, which does not surprise me at all. Another distracting tempest in a teapot.

Make Adages Great Again

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I may have already asked this but does anyone have a DC Universe subscription?

Comixology is having a big DC sale this weekend, and I started piling up a cart. Before I knew it, even at the very generous sale prices, I had half of a full year’s subscription in my cart.

It’s $75 for the year. I don’t give a toss about the live action TV shows (I would definitely be up for a decent Doom Patrol or Swamp Thing show, but you know these are some straight-to-SyFy shit), however I would probably watch some of the animated content, particularly if you can access the app on a PS4 or Roku.

As for the comics side, the big drawback is that it’s a year out, unlike Marvel Unlimited which is 6 months out. So you’re basically not going to stay current at all, but if there is a lot of DC back material you’d like to check out or revisit, then it’s an attractive price point.

I’m mostly curious about the reader.

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