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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I wasn’t sure what was happening with the character recently. The last couple of creative teams have been enough to scare me off completely.


I’m pretty sure the only Green Arrow comics I’ve read are those two issues of Michael Cray, I’m afraid.


Ay DC, Road to Watchmen?


To add something more positive, Walmart collections are coming:

The Price crossover is being collected along the recent Flash Annual as “Heroes in Crisis Companion” it seems

Finally a tpb that includes the sequel to Ten Nights of the Beast, with Batman in Moscow fighting the NKVDemon


I’ll happily defend both Before Watchmen and Doomsday Clock; but, this is just shameless.


Anyone think that there is one too many reality reboots going on with what is happening in Justice League and now in Watchman comic?

I honestly that DC continuity is so screwy that it ruins any emotional connections to the universe and for readers.

I get that DC will always have a crisis, but space it out, say 10-20 years then reality crisis and reboot or streamline the comics. Have a kind of end point in line and then reboot back to basics. I kind of feel it’s 1-2 years and I hate what we did! Reboot! This never happened. Well kinda, never mind! Never mention this again! Well maybe …


Just stumbled across this while searching for something else - apparently the solicit for the collected edition just came out.


That looks like an ambitious release date to me.


Good luck.


I thought the same. I know it’s already slipped from its first intended date.

The first issue hasn’t even been solicited yet, has it? Or is it coming out as an OGN?


“Pivotal” is an odd choice of words for this kind of story, I think. “Definitive” I could understand, but “pivotal” suggests an intention for the Superman mythos to be different after this story than it was before.


Is Superman competing in a sack race?


Still pumped for this.


Why else would you bother retelling the origin if you’re not making a bold, definitive change?

Why yes, you could ask Geoff Johns this question for me.


Me too. High hopes, especially given the preview art from Romita Jr.


Ooooo. Kirby Crackle.



And I thought I could no longer be surprised by a cynical cash grab from a comics publisher.

I take my hat off to DC. I am in awe of their cynical cash-grabbing skills.


I like those two heroes so I’m happy they’re putting this out.


Superman Year what by Frank WHAT and John Yougottabekiddingme?