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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’ve read one Fawkes comic and liked it. That’s enough for me to try another. It may well turn out that the one I liked was an outlier and I’ll think others are garbage. I also haven’t read a Donny Cates book that I didn’t think was at least enjoyable even though I know people on here aren’t fans of his.

Of course it goes the other way as well. There are several creators who are much beloved by this board that I think are mediocre at best.

I guess a key distinction to make are creators I don’t think are good Vs creators I have no interest in but can appreciate are talented.


Did you ever look at any of Kindt’s Valiant work? He’s done quite a bit - off hand both Ninjak and Rai are well worth a look.


Have not, but it’s been on my radar for a while - the 11 o’clock comics guys rave about the valiant stuff constantly - so I’ve heard good things about it

His dark horse stuff is great.

He’s a good writer, just wasn’t suited to dc stuff, and I’m sure I read some of his marvel stuff that didn’t really capture my attention


It was weird. In the New52, Frankenstein was one of my favourite books to begin with. Lemire’s run was a lot of fun. Kindt took over afterwards and I found it barely readable. All the energy left the book. It’s the first Kindt book I read, and I’m not a huge Lemire fan either.

Fawkes strikes me as another writer in the mold of Higgins or Bennett. A friend or student of a much better writer, getting a chance at the big leagues that they are not really ready for. The only writer who has managed to make this work was Tynion, and even he had some rough stuff he had to get out of his system first.


This comment nails it


Unity is excellent, as are Divinity and Ninjak


Fan behavior and instincts are predictable across all entertainment platforms. My perspective is not a problem with comic book fans specifically. By definition fandom exists mostly to feed on itself and to follow whatever the majority of fans are thinking, even when they don’t realize it’s happening. You don’t need to know what other fans are thinking on a particular subject as you tend to be thinking the same way.


I think this conversation shows that there’s a greater diversity of opinion across ‘fans’ as a group than you give them credit for.

You and Chris are both ‘fans’, and you’re obviously coming at the subject from quite different perspectives.


I find Tony’s stance on this completely insulting to be honest, especially given I have no real idea what other fans think other than Millarworld

And even on here I can be an outlier at times

Basically if you don’t like what he likes you are a sheep


To be fair, if you don’t like what he likes you’re sheep.



As is Archer & Armstrong (van Lente series) Bloodshot (first volume), Ivar Time Walker, and Secret Weapons! Imperium was quite fun, too, though I got a bit lost.

I have found that the latest generation of titles aren’t as strong as the first few years. I hope that’s just a blip.


GREEN ARROW Relaunch/Reset Coming from DC


Sammm, since you like Van Lente and Secret Weapons, have you read Generation Zero? It is one of my favorite Valiant books. It is written by Van Lente about a group of rogue Psiots and has some very dark parts.

@ChrisS i would not call you an outlier. You write some of the best comic reviews on here. You are not alone in feeling insulted at times. There are some posters here I find have little sensitivity towards other posters but unlike other places(the U.S. for example) i understand that their viewpoints should not exclude them from this board.


They need to get a top creative team on this to make it work - that’s the key lesson to be learned from Green Lantern.

Funnily enough it’s a character Morrison hasn’t tackled either. It need to be someone like him or Johns to get the industry to take notice. Pity Bendis is on so many books already.

I’d like a real Robin Hood take on the character, living off the land, a far cry from the billionaire rich boy of recent years.

Someone like Greg Rucka could pull this off and tackle some environmental and wealth inequality politics in the book which would be nice and on the nose for issues which are again topical today.


And I think they need to stay away from anything Black Canary related for a while too.


Good grodd…Okay, okay. So, I’m…just kind of going to walk away. I don’t know. So long and thanks for all the fish, I guess.


Like an update of the Grell stuff? Cutting and contemporary stories? I’d buy that.
As much as I have enjoyed stories of rich playboy Green Arrow, I feel like I favour the more socially relevant takes. I need to believe that he’s @Lorcan_Nagle’s favourite DC character. :sweat_smile:

I remember the Rebirth book started strong but I think that I was too pleased with the art to care about problems with the writing, and then that fortnightly schedule meant that they switched the artist out fast and all of a sudden it’s like you’re reading the book with a hangover. I’m not sure that I read past the first six issues. Did anybody here stick with it?


I scanned the last issue of the current series and it looks like that’s he direction they’re taking him.


Pretty much. The Grell stuff is my favourite run.

I read the beginning of the recent series when rebirth kicked off, I actually thought Ben Percy started out ok, but I lost interest.

Whatever they do, I hope they make it as little like the Arrow tv show as possible.