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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I have a bunch of Futures End issues that came in Forbidden Planet grab bags. I know nothing about this event. Were the issues standalone stories or will I get confused if I don’t read the whole storyline? Or for that matter, should I even bother?


I finished reading the last of the Before Watchmen mini-series. They are definitely a mixed bag. I would rate them as follows (in this order), and highly recommend the first three. The rest I probably wouldn’t bother with unless you really like the creators, as I do.

The Good - the best of the mini- series, all worth reading in their own right, and complement the original series.

  • Rorschach (Azzarello & Bermejo; a fantastic noir set in grim & gritty 1977 NYC, perfectly capturing the tone of the era)
  • Dr. Manhattan (Straczynski & Hughes)
  • Minutemen (Cooke)

The Not Really Sure Where To Put This - a neat little look at the title character, but pointless in isolation to the original series.

  • Moloch (Straczynski & Risso)

The Why Did They Bother - all perfectly readable stories, with gorgeous art, but adding nothing of real value to the universe; either telling you things you already know or don’t really care about.

  • Nite Owl (Straczynski & Andy Kubert; a buddy movie featuring Nite Owl and Rorschach, investigating a string of murders; lovely artwork, but JMS in preachy mode)
  • Ozymandias (Wein & Jae Lee)
  • Comedian (Azzarello & Jones)
  • Silk Spectre (Cooke & Connor)

The Bad - no, just no.

  • Dollar Bill (Wein & Rude)
  • Crimson Corsair (Higgins w. Wein)


I loved some of the images of that sweet Jae Lee art in Ozymandias but I’m not touching Before Watchmen with a ten foot pole.


So, I read the first issue of the current Detective story (994) but then waited until I had the whole thing before reading the rest, which I’ve just started. Quick question, as I don’t get any bat books, what is the ‘thing’ between Bruce and Damien?


They fell out in Justice League: No Justice. Damien wants to take a stricter, more proactive approach. Batman chastises him for doing so. They haven’t spent much time together since.


The tie ins were like elsewhere future stories. Like any tie ins they were a mixed bag


I read a rumor Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch are doing a Batman book. That kinda sounds too good to be true.


It mostly comes down to whether or not Jonathan Ross slipped up when he said Hitch was working on Batman.


I assumed they were working on a story for Detective Comics #1000.


Yeah, but Hitch’s response on Twitter after someone asked was “Probably meant Hawkman.” That “probably” is doing a lot of work.


Looks like Ellis is working with Cloonan. I don’t see Hitch’s name on the list.

They could be doing a Black Label book. Are you sure Ross didn’t really say “Hawkman”? :wink:


Damn I hope it’s true. They must have seduced Ellis with some really god whisky.

As much as he talks crap about superheroes, his superhero work is always top notch.


It’s his form of negging.


They were the next iteration of the anniversary of the start of the New 52, following the zero issues and the villains issues. You need to read Grayson: Futures End, the first signal that Tom King was going to be something special.


I’ve only read the Detective one so far. Thought it was pretty good. Not familiar with Ray Fawkes’ work.


Fawkes is one of those hugely underrated writers. Would love to see him resurface.


I thought he was an utter disaster at DC and big part of why the new 52 slid downhill fast.

Honestly, they’ve built a lot of goodwill since Rebirth by hiring the best possible writers they can, going back to the likes of Fawkes and Kindtt (who is actually a good writer on his own stuff) would be a massive step back in the wrong direction.
Their work felt like they were writing for a paycheck, totally going through the motions.

I’ve literally never read a good book by Fawkes and I’ve tried a whole bunch of them.


See, that’s weird, as I never read something bad by him. When I think of New 52 disaster, I think of Cullen Bunn, of Venditti’s take on Johns-style Green Lantern. I get that a lot of fans thought New 52 era writers were inherently unsuited to DC (why Kindt gets lumped in, or Lemire, I just don’t understand), it just seems like bias against the actual evidence to me. Once fans turned on the era, they started looking for reasons, and latched on to all the unfamiliar names. DC was clearly deliberately trying different creative approaches, and I think fans just wanted familiar approaches.


I picked up every single book as part of the new 52, it was clear to me where the problems where.
The books got gradually worse. Whether that is down to editorial interference or just writers phoning in poor work, I suspect that it was a bit of both.

Lemire is one of the best writers in modern comics, one of my favourites, who I have a shelf devoted to.
He struggled with DC superhero books for a while; despite the fact that his Animal Man run is totally underrated and his Green Arrow run with Sorrentino was pretty good. His JLD stuff was awful.

I’ve never read a book I enjoyed by Bunn or Fawkes, I think the former gets a lot of work because he is professional and turns in scripts very quickly. When you read those books, whether it be DC or Marvel, it’s otetty obvious how he does it quickly.

I read lots of Kindt’s stuff, another guy who I rate creator owned work by, it was awful.

I have no reason to have any bias against these guys, because I champion them normally. I’ve been waxing lyrical about Jeff Lemire on here for about 10 years.

Don’t lump me in with anyone else, those names weren’t unfamiliar to me. They just turned in mediocre scripts.
I spend a lot of money and time on comics and I’m capable of making my own mind up. There is no evidence to the contrary that I saw. Ray Fawkes stuff was mind numbing.

The success of DC Rebirth has been down to employing good, passionate creators to make good comics. Bringing in the guys like Fawkes or Kindt is a backwards step. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do that, given how bad the comics got in the last 2 years of the new 52.


I almost posted right after Chris to say that you were guaranteed to come back with reasons why “fans” were wrong to dislike him. :slight_smile:

It sounds like it might just be a matter of taste.