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I feel like King might have been a better fit for Marvel than he is for DC.


I find that consistency is King’s biggest problem as a writer. There’s work he’s done that’s great - Vision, Sheriff of Babylon - but then there’s his Batman run which is all over the place. The second arc where Batman goes to get Psycho-Pirate from Santa Prisca was really smart, as was the first one but this was then followed by the Bane and Joker/Riddler war. The first was dumb, the second just plain nasty. By most accounts the arc that follows is better, but it’s up and down as a run.

I’m also wondering if he is suited to corporate superheroes or if he’d be better doing more stuff like Sheriff of Babylon, but that is far more niche material than a book like Batman.


I think it’s more the relentlessness of his Batman, that it’s the longest thing he’s ever written, and that it features the most famous superhero ever, so there’s a certain amount of protectiveness happening. Individually these are all arcs that would be much better received, but taken as a whole they’re almost oppressive. Imagine if Frank Miller kept writing Dark Knight Returns month after month after month. (Never mind that Miller’s Daredevil was basically Batman on a more tragic scale.) But even Morrison couldn’t keep everyone interested for his complete Batman epic. Historically the Batman-is-on-a-downward-spiral arc led to a revival of hope for the character (the introduction of Tim Drake, the return of Damian). King is making fans wait forever to see if it’s going to happen again. And his track record suggests he won’t have that kind of ending.

But personally, I dig it. I think he’s a brilliant writer.

That Heroes in Crisis theory above isn’t totally crazy. I had that idea myself, especially after the solicit for the ending. I was surprised no one really picked up on Booster’s revelation about Wally’s corpse. But there could be other things learned later. I’m still waiting for Saturn Girl to do something, for instance.


I don’ think I quite agree, as there are some parts of his run that have problems, even taking them as separate stories. The War of Jokes & Riddles have some enjoyable parts, but some of it just doesn’t work at all, the Everyone Loves Ivy is full of problems, I won’t get into the Booster Gold story…

Regarding HiC, as I mentioned before in this thread, I am still trying to make sense of the technobabble nonsense that Booster say about RNA, birthdays and time travel.

Saturn Girl? She is over Doomsday Clock, not in HiC :confused:


I dropped King’s Batman run a while back. I was expecting a classic run and instead got one that was one-third pretty good and two-thirds pretty bad. Although I suspect he’ll tie some of the subplots together and redeem it a little bit by the end.

I wonder if he’s just better suited to short-form, 12-issue-max stories. It’s not like he’d be the first writer for whom this would be the case. With this Batman run, however, I wonder if following Morrison and Snyder, two writers who had big, popular, defining runs, boxed him in a little bit.

It’s hard not to think he’d be better off, from a creative standpoint, doing stuff like White Knight or the Damned. Where he could establish his own “rules” and then tightly adhere to them to bring a fully developed vision to life.


Add in Tomasi’s Batman & Robin run too and yeah, it’s a hard trio to follow.


I’m reading his Mister Miracle at the moment and loving it. It’s pretty much exactly what you describe in terms of making the world of the book his own, and it works very well.

I tried his Batman run but dropped it very early on as I found it pretty mediocre. But after Vision and Mister Miracle I’ll definitely still look out for his more self-contained works.


The first arc is very mediocre, since then it is a strange mix, some arcs and issues are of the quality of his mini series work and some are duds. I wonder if the pressure of time is also part of it, I’m sure he has time to plan out series like Vision and Mister Miracle, Batman comes out every two weeks and he’s getting fill-in writers every now and again as he’s working on some TV show proposal that got picked up.


Yeah, I’ve been following the chat in the New Comics thread and it seems very up and down. I’ll probably wait until his run is completely over and check out the highlights then.


I started trade-waiting Doomsday Clock, so I don’t know everything that’s happened in it.


Without spoilers, both Saturn Girl and Johnny Thunder appearing in DC Rebirth and in The Button was to lead to Doomsday Clock, representing both the deleted past and the deleted future I guess.


I don’t get the disappreciation (it’s a word now) of King’s Batman. I kind of like it. Sure, the Wedding was a bit… lackluster, but at the same time it made total sense to me.

Bendis was in for some praise on his Superman in the New Comic thread and I thought I’d break out a general question about that in here.

Anyone here not liking what Bendis is doing on/with Superman and Action Comics? I mean, I’m loving it, but I’d love to hear from people not liking it. The what and why, you know. Any takers?


I’ve recently been reading King’s Batman and I think I mostly agree with everyone here that it’s a mixed bag. Some issues are quite good, others range from mediocre to kind of terrible. And I’m not really sure that King’s Batman/Bruce ever really clicks for me. There’s something a little off that I can’t quite put my finger on.


That’s why it’s off my pull list. I’ll pick it up in singles again if arc reviews are good but otherwise I’m just walking away.

Regardless of what I think about the writing, the art has been consistently fantastic.


I envy you. A level of self control I will never endeavour…


I love Bendis’ Superman. I’ve been in a pretty grim place at times over the last year/ year and a half. This Superman comic has been a ray of light in the dark. It means a lot to me.

Action Comics I’m more ambivalent too. It’s been entertaining. But it feels very Bendis. Y’know what I mean? It has everything good and bad that that means.




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