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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I like it quite a bit, but it’s missing a little something that keeps it from being in my top 3 Morrison works. Although I do need to reread it again as I remember getting more out of it during my second read through.


I’m very disappointed at the lack of Zoids love in here


Morrison’s X-Men and All Star Superman are my favs. His X-Men run, and Moore’s Promethea, actually helped get me back into comics in the early 2000’s after not collecting since early childhood. I was big into psychedelics, religion and magick so both of their stuff was right up my alley. Morrison’s X-Men run got me into superhero comics again. It was just so much fun. All Star Superman is probably his best work, but for me his X-Men was the most fun.


I’m more into his Starblazer and Near Myths work, Zoids was when he sold out.


I probably own all of Grant Morrison’s Starblazer issues, without having a clue who he was when I bought them. I still have no idea which ones he wrote.

In general Starblazer had decent high-adventure, low-concept SF stories, not something I would really associate with him. Maybe his stories were the the stand-out stories, or maybe that’s just the style he had to write at the time. Either way, none of them were as good as All-Star Superman :slight_smile:



It was some of his earliest work when he was just starting out as a writer, so it’s to be expected that he evolved somewhat afterwards.


That doesn’t help. I can’t match a story with a title after 40 years :stuck_out_tongue:





I’ve really been enjoying Bendis’s DC work, so I’m down for this. My guess is that Sara Pichelli is the artist he’s referring to.


Pichelli is great (as long as she’s not having to draw a whole load of big action scenes), another big coup for DC.

Bendis knows her well by now, I imagine he will play to her considerable strengths.


Anyone else getting the sense that DC are cutting back on the nice OHC editions they started off doing for Rebirth? Just seems to be less of those and more regular size hardbacks. Be a shame if it’s so as those editions were damn good.

Strangely, they don’t seem to be slowing down on older and New 52 material, with a stack of Omnibuses planned.



Purely idle speculation, based on solicitation copy, unsubstantiated rumours, and historical editorial behaviour.

Wally West is the murderer. But he was manipulated into doing so by someone, using his Rebirth trauma as the triggering mechanism. He’s also, somehow, going to survive this. The “future” Wally’s body is someone trying to cover their tracks. “Someone” is probably tied into King’s Batman mega-arc; maybe even Bane himself. Post- HiC Wally will end up a broken, remorseful anti- hero; seeking penance for his actions in the new Suicide Squad. Much like Speedball/ Penance in Marvel’s Civil War.


I haven’t read a single issue of HiC but I hope your speculation is wrong.


Me too. I’ve just got a bad feeling about this.


Just to mention, if it is connected to a concurrent story in another title I will rage a little.

The “mystery” in HiC is making the one in Identity Crisis look better and better, with all the problems it had.


Seems like someone already said this. :wink: