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No doubt. The one series I can read again, and again, and again, and still enjoy as if it’s my very first time.


Jupiter’s Legacy is good, but I don’t think it’s Quitely’s best work.

Admittedly though, choosing Quitely’s best work is a case of picking the utterly fantastic out from the just generally fantastic. :slight_smile:


Animal Man, I think.


I find it very difficult to choose.

Seaguy and Animal Man are what spring to mind but Morrison’s Batman run is one of my favourite runs in comics. His x-men is equally epic.

His body of work is so incredible and generally of such a consistently high bar that I could answer the question differently multiple times.


Doom Patrol is my favorite Morrison work with All Star Superman being #2. New X-Men would have a good shot at it if not for the issues with art in a handful of issues that made them practically unreadable. I’m a little surprised Marvel didn’t have someone go back and redraw those issues for collected editions. That’s how bad those were. You could even get Kordey to do them, but, you know, give him more than 2 days to draw them.


Plus it was a giant disservice to Kordey, who is actually a decent artist. That’s a bad introduction to his art… =/


It’s probably a toss-up between All-Star Superman and Multiversity.


I was actually thinking the same thing: specifically All-Star Superman #10 and the Pax Americana issue of Multiversity.

There are days when I’d definitely say something else though - Invisibles or Doom Patrol or Animal Man or Batman or Flex Mentallo… what a career.


Annihilator, or Joe the Barbarian. Both highly underrated.


JLA or Flex Mentallo.


Seaguy was the first thing that came to my mind but I thought that if I said it then people would think I was kidding.

Actually those three you mention here would be my exact top three, in some order.


Morrison has built up such an amazing body of work it’s difficult to pick a favorite.

I think I’d say that the top of the heap is, in no particular order…

Animal Man
Doom Patrol
The Invisibles
All Star Superman


Oh man, I completely forgot about that one. That might take fourth place for me, behind All-Star Superman, Animal Man and Doom Patrol.

How do people feel about Seven Soldiers? That one seemed interesting when it came out but somehow I never got into it.


I really enjoyed it when I reread it in the recent omnibus.


I loved it and loved the individual minis, but I don’t think it fully held together holistically in the way it was sold.
A bit like when mark did the thing between 1985, fantastic 4 and old man Logan

All a bit too subtle


The thing I love about his DC work is that he really gets these characters right. I am torn about his Batman run but the way he wrote the character, his idea of what made these characters special was perfect to me. Same for Superman in All-Star Superman. These are definitive takes for me.


Comixology Unlimited has his Doom Patrol run available and I’ve been reading it (I have the original issues in an attic somewhere), and it’s stunning how well it holds up. The writing is sometimes a little verbose, but ideas, the plotting, the characters still feel fresh. Not to mention just how creative it is — on one level it’s just a a superhero book with them defeating bad guys, but on another it’s just so original that even now mainstream comics can seem tame by comparison. I think it’s as good as anything he’s ever written.


Doom Patrol is amazing. The ending still devastates me.


Yeah, Doom Patrol has a lot of what makes Morrison’s work brilliant and beautiful. I need to reread it again sometime.