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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Greg Rucka on a Lois Lane ongoing series?

Matt Fraction on a Jimmy Olsen ongoing?

I’m in!


Holy shit!

It’s time to go all in on the new Superman comics.



That’s an amazing double coup to get Rucka back and also to get Fraction on a mainstream book again.

DC are not resting on their laurels, they just keeping rolling this stuff out from big or respected industry names.


Yeah, I know that Fraction isn’t to everybody’s taste but he’s one of my favourites.

If Marvel was doing stuff like this then it’s clear we’d be talking about them very differently.



From an AMA on Reddit:


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Thank you ahead of time if you make it to my question.

Firstly, with the return of both Jon and Conner Kent, who is the “big brother” now that they’re roughly about the same age?

Secondly, with 2 Robins and 2 Superboys, will we see a name change for 1 from each set or will they all operate simultaneously but on separate teams? (ie- Jon/Damian with TT and Conner/Tim with YJ)

Thank you again for doing this ama!

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BENDIS: Jon and Conner will meet and work that out. On panel. PROMISE.

And yes, there will be some rebranding and some new looks. Change is good!


I don’t disagree with anything you say.

But nevertheless, I believe the idea of hoping they will “bring back” a beloved character is innately wrong-headed, because by the nature of the DC continuity it can’t and won’t be the same character. (And note, I’m not judging whether the new character will be better or worse, simply that it will be different.) Geoff Johns didn’t give us Barry Allen back, he gave us the name back, and that’s all. Are we really so emotionally attached to a name that we’ll be happy to see it no matter who it’s given to?

It’s akin to the modern trend of rebooting old TV properties. Is new Starbuck remotely even vaguely similar to classic Starbuck? Clearly it’s not the same character. Same “power”, similar generic maverick attitude, similar place in a similar world, but other than those generalities it’s a brand new character that they have tagged with the same name. Same as new Barry Allen.


New Day, New discussion about Wally. In Rebirth Wally was the same one that left. He loved his wife and children even if they were not there anymore. He was friends with all the Titans and Barry. I can almost guarantee that the Wally in HiC is definitely not the same one so if you are talking about how Writers change characters I agree with you.


I don’t think anyone ever accused Morrison of being sane. :wink:


Ha. I love the guy, but he is definitely, definitely insane.


I wonder what people’s favorite work by Morrison is. I haven’t read Invisibles yet, so far I think All-Star Superman is my favorite. Then maybe Animal Man, and Doom Patrol.

His Batman is interesting but I think he screwed it up in the end.


Or, at the very least, extremely high.


I think WE3 is my favorite Morrison work.


That is a really good question. I’d have to think on that.


Anything with Quitely in it… because of Quitely. =P


I would love to be Morrison’s therapist. Oh, lawd, would that be fun!

(Which says a lot more about me than about him!)




You just want to get stoned with him.


Oh, no, my friend. He wants to get stoned with me!


All-Star for me. Twelve issues of perfect Superman characterization drawn by Frank Quitely is the best thing that I can probably get from mainstream comics.
I love Morrison in general but he is at his best with Quitely. I’d argue that Quitely is at his best when he works with Morrison, to be honest.


Most definitely.