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Oh, I do try, but when it is supposed to be a KEY CLUE that may “break the case” in a MYSTERY STORY, it gets a little hard no to think about it.



No. At least in British English, which is what I think Ellis speaks, the meanings have always been as he uses them.


I totally agree with this. I actually don’t remember Didio’s name mentioned during Rebirth. For those of you displeased with Doomsday Clock, I have another possible reason. I believe Johns was in charge of Rebirth and when he started Doomsday Clock, he gave the reins back to Didio, when promptly returned DC to the way it was previously under his reign(shitting on Titans, ignoring the Legion, promoting dark storylines and writers like King.)


That’s more about whether you take the information the story is giving you at face value, not the mechanism by which the characters found it. If you think the information given is purposefully unreliable, that’s a different storytelling matter.

All the Wally lovers probably need to get comfortable with Wally being the murder and the murdered though. :wink:


You know you’re right. Me and D. Didi (that’s what I call him) were chatting just the other day. He was really keen on my new comic idea called Fuck You Wally that was all about just fucking with Wally West and his legacy. He just wants to wait on the current fucking Wally’s getting in Heroes in Crisis to play out. :wink:


You can really go off some people.


Sorry. Just having fun. The Didio hate just gets old sometimes.


I know :slightly_smiling_face: It’s quite amusing. Not hating on the guy. That seems an extreme reaction for what he does. But, I do have a problem with a lot of his choices, and the way he keeps going back to the same storytelling well again and again. Even when the evidence would seem to indicate that it’s long since gone dry.


The difference in the Barry Allen that exists now and the one who died during Crisis on Infinite Earths can be summed up thusly: this version’s mom was murdered by Eobard Thawne.


I don’t have feelings toward any particular Flash. It’s pretty clear we have Barry back due to Johns and his pre-disposition towards the Super Friends lineup. He’s also probably the cleanest as far as continuity. It’s hard to have Wally without Barry.

My brother is a big Flash fan. I don’t know if I’ve ever asked which one he prefers. Who is your favorite Flash, @ender0284?


I’m not a huge Flash fan either. He runs fast. Big whoop. But, I do like good comics. Waid and Johns (ironically) gave Wally a 150+ issue run of great comics. Having him evolve from an annoying brat, living in Barry’s shadow, to quite literally, The Fastest Man Alive. He had a rich supporting cast, a fantastic mythology (that, as I said, Barry has co-opted most of), and was actually allowed to grow up, get married and have kids. It was epic. There are few comics that were as consistently good for as long as Wally’s Flash was.



Alternate theory for HiC, King will pull a Kite Man and make the totally minor, joke character of the Protector the central character to the murders.

For some reason.


Da-amn, looks good.


Except that’s not the only difference, is it? I mean, none of the hundreds of stories between 1957 and 1987 that moulded Barry’s character and reputation involved this current Barry. This isn’t the same Barry because he hasn’t had the same life experiences, his murdered mom only being one example of that.

The calls for this or that character to “come back” always amuse me, because when the character does inevitably come back it won’t be the character you loved, it will be a new person with his name.

Barry came back. Except he’s got a different history, a different personality, and all the stories you loved that made Barry great didn’t involve this particular character. You’ve got a new character with the same name and powerset. It is categorically not the Silver Age Barry Allen, either in-story or outside the story.


Maybe somebody gave that advice to DC writers and editors a few years ago. It would explain a lot.


A few years ago? You’ve read pre-Crisis books before, haven’t you? :wink:


sorry if me being annoyed annoys you Ronnie :grin: this will be my last point on this unless someone needs a direct response to my point but do you remember why they did Rebirth? Hope! and poor sales. Didio’s way was not working. that is why they changed things up with Rebirth. So why head back to doom and gloom so soon? just my opinion


Isn’t he the guy from that Titans anti-drug comic from thirty years ago?