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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I would have killed to get a Waid/ Wieringo LoSH.


Another Mark Waid Facebook post:

From the late, great Mike Wieringo–the character we longed to do together more than any other.


That’s perfect.



How cool does this look?


That’s really cool. Do they actually ship the book like that?


I checked the thread below the pic and it’s a press promotion kit only. The journalist figured out the combination.


The combination just makes it even better :slight_smile:


I’ve just about convinced my wife, who I can barely ever get to read a comic, to read this when I get a hard copy. I know it’s had mixed reviews around here, but as a middle-aged man with young children who’s recently gone through all the joys of childbirth and that super hard first year (twice), Mister Miracle really spoke to me.


Mixed reviews is true but I think that constituted Tom Punk hating it and everyone else thought it was great. :smile:


I was more into Jovian Jovhunter anyway :wink:

Credit where credit is due though…a chained up box with Kirby’s name is pretty tight.




It’s nice that DC gave Russell the rights though, and apparently it’s gotten some interested buyers.
I could see, and hope, it finding a home at Ahoy or TKO.


Sounds like the orders were just not there.


I think it’s more than that. Can’t remember any other time DC cancelled a book before publication and it had a petition against it.

Handing back the rights instantly also only has one precedent I can ever think of. The Boys, a book dropped for content reasons. Normally even with low sales the creators have to sit out a couple of years before they get them back (e.g. Saucer Country that ended up at IDW).


DC chickened out on Second Coming.

Hopefully it ends up at Image or Dark Horse (Berger Books?).


DC needs to grow a pair.

Setting a dangerous precident by cowtowing to these idiots and their online petition.

It’s a comic you dumb fucks. Just don’t read it.

I hope this does the book some favours and encourages more people to order it from whoever puts it out.


I agree. I was looking forward to this one.


Russell’s been working recently with IDW and Dynamite so has links there (Dynamite took on the DC discarded The Boys too).

I’ll be honest Chris with the way DC seem to just cancel every Vertigo book anyway with the story unfinished it’s probably for the best they’ve given it this publicity boost and another publisher can treat it with some care.