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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I loved Supreme Power and hated everything else JMS did in comics.

I’m not really surprised he’s out of comics now, although he’s doing just fine, I believe writing Sense8 for Netflix the last I heard his name.


Supreme Power deserved so much better than the wringer it was put through


Yeah JMS caused his own problems. He has other demands on his time but he had a succession of works he never finished. His Superman work was poorly received.

I’ve enjoyed a lot of his work in the past and I saw he did a few of those Joe Comics. I didn’t buy them as I didn’t trust him to finish them, nobody since has made any real comment that they are essential reads. I don’t know if they were finished.

Him not being at the beating heart of comics is nothing to do with Before Watchmen, it’s that he hasn’t made many (he works in TV and film) and those he has have had zero buzz.


All his Joe’s Comics finished before he walked away from comics - Ten Grand, Sidekick, Dream Police, etc.

I really enjoyed Ten Grand. A supernatural romance.


I read a few of the first issues of his revival from a few years ago and they were mediocre at best. Many were ideas that seemed to have been ideas that had already been done better by others. They would have been edgy had they come out 10 - 20 years prior.

Ten Grand started well but the art delays with Ashley Wood and the story losing steam gave me good reason to drop it.


I enjoyed the Earth One Superman book - well, volume 1 anyway. I have the other two volumes on my shelf. Why do you think they didn’t work?


It was Ben Templesmith, Todd. And, I know what you mean, but I’d consider giving the conclusion a shot. It wraps up well.


Did you ever read his ASM run? The first half (with JRjr) was wonderful stuff that reinvigorated the character and was one of the key books for that early-2000s Marvel revival period. He had a great handle on Spidey.


That’s right!

I got rid of the issues I had during my comics purge/cleansing so I doubt I would go back. Besides, I already have a huge stack of unread comics that need to be addressed! :smile:


Yes, aside from a couple of stretches I really hated that run (what I read of it anyway), but I know a lot of people loved it.


I know we’re supposed to loathe Bleeding Cool here, but these covers were too beautiful to pass up:


Do you remember why? I know it’s going back a bit now, I just don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone so strongly dislike the pre-Sins Past stuff.


I could not agree more. Supreme Power was great but I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by everything else he’s put out.


I liked a lot of pieces of Rising Stars, but it fell apart pretty hard. And I actually enjoyed Midnight Nation quite a bit. However, Supreme Power could have been something truly special. Then Marvel had to go and screw it up for whatever reason. Such a shame. Those 18 issues were great.


I just reread Midnight Nation a couple weeks ago and still enjoy it a lot. It can be a bit wordy in places but it got some great stuff in it, especially him meeting his future self.


I think JMS has quite a varied time in comics but overall there’s a lot of quality.

I really enjoyed his ASM run, I found it really fun to read and it really sucked me in. Even the Sins Past stuff. I would maybe even go as far as to say, especially the Sins Past stuff.
At the time I don’t know if I was on Millarworld but I recall not being aware of a backlash about it until a few years later on here. At the time I was reading Wizard as my source of comics news and it was a really positive publication.

I’m strongly considering picking up the omnibus.

I also really liked his Thor run, I dug it out the other day and I couldn’t bring myself to sell it on eBay, I’ve ended up storing it.

I also enjoyed ‘Grounded’. At the time I was looking for something different with Superman and it felt like a take I hadn’t really seen before. I was disappointed by reactions to it and the way it totally tailed off when Roberson took over.

I enjoyed a lot of his earlier non big two work but I agree with Todd’s assessment that the latter books were maybe 10 years too late.
I found Superman Earth One suffered from the same problem. I think this would have made a bigger impact had it been released a few years previous.

I absolutely adored The Twelve with Chris Westen. Totally fucked that up by not getting the last couple issues out until years later.
His Strange mini was good as well.


His Thor run is wonderful, only ruined (again) by a rushed ending. Olivier Copiel’s art was gorgeous, helping considerably.


That was a great series.


I think the simple reality is JMS just ain’t a company man.


Me too. I own it in singles but I think I’ll double-dip on this.