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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Ha. That shows how much attention I pay! I have every single issue of Batman from Knightfall up until Nu52 and just assumed at some point during that run Bruce revealed it. Maybe I need to reread them!

(I still need to get the rest of the issues bound)


It’s obviously at the end of Year One when Gordon finds out (heavily implied), but the New 52 switched that out with Zero Year, right?


Gordon probably suspects that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but he’s not going to push it.

The things is, if you look at it from a real world perspective, there’s going to be a very short list of who is Batman is, or who is funding him.


Same here. I had Lucifer already on the hitlist for June but not The Dreaming.


No Man’s Land ended with Batman trying to reveal it to Gordon and Gordon refusing, stating that if he really wanted to know he would have found out years ago


Christ…I hope we havnt oversold them :joy:


This is fucking awesome


I’m thinking the general consensus in Gotham is whatever Bruce’s connection to Batman might be, they let it slide out of sympathy. Most of Gotham, anyway.



That’s part of what makes Batman Incorporated great.


Did anyone find the last half of GL #3 hard to read? It skipped around in such a disjointed fashion, it felt like half the panels had been omitted. Maybe Morrison was trying to be clever (rather than just careless) but it was really annoying.

By way of balance, the first half of the issue was awesome, some of the best use of the GL Corps I’ve ever read :confused:


I thought it was all great.
Only scattered issue so far was the first


It’ll be on Comixology Unlimited soon, too! :slight_smile:


Exactly. These aren’t cheap cash in mini- series, no matter what anyone thinks. The series included stories by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo; Azzarello and J. G. Jones; one of the last comics by the great Darwyn Cooke and another by Joe Kubert & Bill Sienkiewicz; sequentials by Adam Hughes! That’s not forgetting Amanda Connor, Andy Kubert, Eduardo Risso, Steve Rude, and Joe Straczynski. You don’t ignore work by creators of this quality unless you’ve got an axe to grind.


For the people who didn’t read the books, I don’t think it’s having an “axe to grind” so much as just not being interested in the subject matter.

There are lots of books out there and we all have to make choices about what we think we’ll like - I think it’s reasonable to feel that an extension to Watchmen by other creators doesn’t interest you.


This is a forum that predominantly values creator > character. If this creative line up had been on Before Batman, for example, they would have been perennial best sellers.


I read the Minutemen and Silk Spectre minis as they had the best reviews. Technically excellent, as Cooke always was, but I have to admit I didn’t find the stories very interesting. I think if anything they were probably taken in with respecting the original material so it felt a bit like the kind of material you get in a movie tie-in comic. Having to tell a story around the main work so nothing is actually changed or very significant.


I also value creators over character, but none of those creators is on my own personal (very short) list of creators for whom I will buy every book they work on, sight unseen.

For most of them, they’re enough to get me curious about a book - but there has to be something extra to the book’s concept that makes it sound like I’m going to be particularly interested. With Before Watchmen, that extra element wasn’t there for me.


Random question: Did Azzarello’s refashioning of Wonder Woman’s origin and just general world stick after Rebirth?


A bit. The daughter of Zeus stuff remains (and probably always will now thanks to the film). Rucka changed some other stuff. It remains as with all DC continuity a bit: