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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Nice one, thanks !


Man, I LOVED Young Justice #1 by Bendis and Gleason. Gorgeous art (including the coloring by Alejandro Sanchez). I’m intrigued by the new characters, but it’s Bart, Tim, Cassie, and Conner (in that order) that got me here. They’re my DC icons. And Bendis and Gleason have the best handle on Impulse since his solo series. There are definitely some Bendis quirks, with otherworldly characters making jokes and asides that feel very contemporary, but I’ve decided to just chalk it up as part of his style and go with it.

I got a handful of other new/recent stuff on Comixology, but I was so excited after reading this I couldn’t wait to gush.


Maybe I missed it but did anyone pick up X-Force?


Did you mean to post that in the DC thread? :wink:

I was interested. So I looked at the preview and didn’t care for the art I saw there. I ended up passing on it.


Crap, no. I thought I was in the New Comics thread.


Now that I’ve read The Dreaming 1-5 and the 2nd issue of American Carnage…

I’m with @davidm, the Dreaming is very good. Couldn’t sleep, hence why I’m on here at 4.30. But I read them back to back and not long finished. I found it hard to get into at first, to put it plainly, I have some issues with Si Spurriers dialogue and the pacing/flow issues it brings. Always have done. It took me easily into the 2nd or 3rd issue to get into it. I don’t think it reads well in single issues. I’d wait for a trade.
As a whole the 5 issues are actually really good though. It’s a nice continuation on from the Sandman to an extent and a host of well kent characters who I’m enjoying seeing again. Few good ideas and spurrier does well to hold back on some of the mysterious to create a bit of suspense and make me care as a reader.

The first issue of the house of whispers was ok, it does have that clear vibe of being written by someone who hasn’t written comic books before. If it wasn’t for the connection to the Sandman books and Vertigo I wouldn’t read it again. But I’ll keep going with it, it wasn’t horrible.

goddess mode is the worst comic I’ve read in 2018. How that got past editorial I don’t know. It’s incomprehensible guff. Rodriguez has forgotten the storytelling function of sequential art, which doesn’t help matters.

hex wives is crap. As per the above, it’s also very badly written.

american carmage is really good. I’m with @Vikram on this one. I enjoyed the first issue and I’m totally hooked after the second. Highly recommended it for both Bryan Hill’s script and Leandro Fernandez’s art.

I’ll update on House if Whispers, Books of Magic and Lucifer in a few days. Or maybe even this morning if I can’t get myself to sleep.


Following up on the above, having read House of Whispers 1-4 my feelings are much the same as after the first issue.
It’s rough.
I’m enjoying it to an extent but if it was an Image book I wouldn’t be reading it, it’s the links to what is going on in the Dreaming that have taken my interest. That and the voodoo and New Orleans culture, which is always something I like reading about.
The book doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be and plot wise it’s been awfully stretched out.
The book is fine, but I can see it struggling in the competitive marketplace we have just now with far too many books being published and not enough readers.


Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #1-4, by Straczynski, Adam Hughes and Laura Martin, was a fascinating read. As with many of JMS’ prior work, it takes a very simple idea (in this case, Schrodinger’s cat), and weaves that into a complex, thought provoking narrative. Aided by the superlative artwork, I think this one is a fantastic mini, that deserves a higher reputation than it maybe has. It’s very much akin to Silver Surfer: Requiem.

Whilst it clearly isn’t intended to be a prologue to DC Rebirth, with the benefit of hindsight you can clearly see where that idea could have originated from.


II think there was a lot of prejudice against these mini’s prior to them coming out and they’ve never really been given the attention or plaudits the probably deserved as a result.

Onto the next Sandman Universe book,

Lucifer 1 - 3
This was a real surprise. I’m not that bothered about another Lucifer mini, despite really liking the run by Carey, Ormston etc I feel the Lucifer angle is a bit overplayed now. Add the inane Fox tv series to that and it’s taken the shine off the concept a bit.
On top of this, I thought the Lucifer pages in the Sandman Universe special were very boring and although I think the Fiumara brothers are brilliant, I wasn’t expecting much from Dan Watters.

Right off the bad though my preconceptions were blown away. I found his script to be very compelling, and it’s an enjoyable read and it’s a really great horror book. It’s creepy and foreboding. And has very much a Vertigo feel to it.

I would recommend to anyone remotely interested to read the first issue. It’s so strong in both writing and art that if it doesn’t do it for you then the rest of the series probably won’t either.

Really good stuff, right up my street - funnily enough not so much the Lucifer part of the story, but the John Decker stuff. Although I enjoyed both.
Dan Watters is a name to watch out for, this is up there with Mike Carey’s run.


Glad you liked Lucifer, Chris. Definitely my favourite new Vertigo title. It’s fantastic.


Yeah, it was excellent. I really enjoyed it. A really pleasant surprise in the end. When I finished issue 3 I found myself looking in comixology for issue 4, hoping it was out and I just missed it. That’s a good sign !

For those looking for something that captures the essence of some of the best Vertigo books back in the day I think this new Lucifer series is very much on point.

I’d actually go as far as to say it’s one of the closest to Sandman that I’ve seen, in terms of approach, and the smart handling of characters and stories.


So did I. I thought the Lucifer segment was the worst part of the compilation book so didn’t bother with the series. With your and Vikram’s reviews I think I’ll pick up the first volume when it inevitably appears in a digital sale and give it a go.


Hope you enjoy it!


Having now read Books of Magic 1-3 I can summarise, see bottom of post.

As for the above, it was ok - ish. The art from Tom Fowler is excellent, but the writing from Kat Howard feels like it’s going through the motions. It lacks substance and it’s a bit like someone read the original mini and first series and tried to do a reboot, condensing a lot of it, ticking off boxes as they go. A bit lazy and obvious. None of it is earned and it all happens too fast - not fast paced just not well structured.

So, the Sandman Universe books in order of my preference

  • Lucifer is great, not really any previous exposure to Sandman or Lucifer series needed, although it adds levels of reward if you have
  • The Dreaming is very good for those who have read Sandman, but best read as a chunk of a few issues. I can’t see reading the first issue alone winning fans. Obviously the most connected title and essentially is a what happens next for the s Sandman Universe
  • House of Whispers is really uneven, but still worth a punt. There’s a few decent elements in there. I’m hoping the writer gets better the more scripts she writes
  • Books of Magic is very by numbers. A light and brief read. For fans of the series only. It actually reminds me of Skip Tracer in 2000ad, in that it’s very familiar tropes and the writer hasn’t worked out how to engage their readers.

I’ll continue to read them all until they are either cancelled or I lose interest, but the interest in latter two is mostly fuelled by my inner fanboy nostalgia. Again, they are not bad books per se, but there’s an awful lot of competition in this crowded marketplace.


I dropped both House of Whispers and Books Of Magic for exactly those reasons. I just couldn’t engage with the former, and felt that I had read the latter beforehand (in the, so far, much superior original ongoing series).


Admittedly I haven’t read that many Batman books recently but since when did Jim not know Batman was Bruce Wayne? (I just read Detective 994. Pretty good book)


Gordon knowing/not knowing is one of those things that I always assume is in flux at DC, and seems to depend on what story the writer wants to tell. I’m fine with that as I think it can be interesting both ways.


He’s never officially known. Heavily implied, several times, but never outright confirmed.


Ok, so you (and others) have me pre-ordering Lucifer vol. 1 TP (June 25th) and The Dreaming vol. 1 TP (June 11th).

Thanks guys!