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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I’m teasing, too. It sounds like Bendis has recharged himself with the move to DC.


I agree, but think he should he kept away from LSH (too many characters for him).

I wouldn’t be opposed to him doing a monthly Legion Outpost/Academy/whatever.
That can run concurrently with a bi-weekly Hickman main title.

I wonder when the announcement happens?
(Hoping for Emerald-City Comic-con in March).


I just want whatever most breaks @davidm’s heart. I live for his suffering. :wink:




Thank you.


I’d be down for a LSH by Bendis. I like his teen hero works. Ultimate Spider-Man was at it’s best when it was essentially Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends. So I’m stoked for his Young Justice book too.


What’s the status of DC’s Vertigo line? Are any of the new books very good?


The Dreaming is okay.
Most else of what I read wasn’t very good, but I haven’t checked out House of Whispers or Hex Wives - so…if anyone has any opinions on those.


The Dreaming is the one that looked the most interesting. Primarily because of the connection to Sandman, of course.


I think The Dreaming is okay too. But it’s nothing special.

Really like Lucifer. Very well written. Fantastic artwork. Engrossing mystery.

American Carnage is proving to be quite the thriller too. Very Scalped.


I read this title back when it came out. I remember I looked forward to it every month and felt it was doing a lot of weird, interesting things. However, I don’t like Porter’s art very much. It’s a bit busy for me, with not quite enough depth of field, and stuck in a weird place between western art and anime.

That said, I’m glad you enjoyed it!


I tend to agree on porters art. It is too busy and it never allows for a change in pace, space or distance…

I read the second volume last night and again really enjoyed it with some cavaets. It is inventive at times which is probably its biggest strength

Big complaint from me is there’s 2 or 3 times the cover has ruined surprises for me plus there’s a couple of introductions in the second volume that I wish I never knew about


I’m not a big fan of his art either but on the Shazam book it was fantastic.


Vengeance of Bane II was a great story, too, perhaps the best showcase of his full potential. It freed him of addiction to venom and moved him in a new antihero direction that unfortunately never really had a follow up.


The Sandman books vary from “very good” (The Dreaming) to “I haven’t got a clue why I’m reading this” (House of Whispers).

Though the last HoW issue was a huge improvement on the rest. It felt like something clever was finally happening, and now I’m actually looking forward to how it wraps up in the next issue (which I assume will be the last one).



What is Amethyst?


Or maybe this:


That’s the unfortunate thing about projects like this; at $3.99 a pop, the weakest book is going to drag down the line. Lucifer and Dreaming seem to be good enough, but House of Whispers seems weak and Books of Magic feels like “Not Harry Potter” (which has been a problem for the property since the first series ended and Pottermania exploded).


if you want to find out what happened to Batgirl and Flash from 3001, check out Blue Beetle when it written by Giffen and Dematteis.