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Bane has been portrayed as a genius multiple times now (including during Knightfall).


Yeah, since his inception he was supposed to be Batman’s superior in every way, including in the mental capacities (though I’m sure he’s also been portrayed just as a dumb stack of muscles sometimes)… nothing new, really.


He was created as an evil Doc Savage, so yeah he’s supposed to be a genius.


Was that really the inspiration? I’ve never heard that before but it makes sense.


I read an interview or article with Chuck Dixon where he talks about it. It was news to me as I thought he was supposed to be Batman on steroids.


I think Batman and Robin probably helped with that impression, though I guess most people forgot he was in that.


Also, if we’re being honest, the luchador mask doesn’t really help to sell him as a genius… :smile:

It was an odd desing choice for sure, but in the end it probably paid off since he became popular, so…


Vengeance of Bane was a great origin story. Knightfall was a brilliant follow through. Everything since then has had an air of diminishing returns about it. Someone really needs to do something new with the guy now. Playing up his intelligence would be a good start.


I love luchador masks so it works for me.


I was going to put this in the trades thread, as I’d read the first volume, with the second volume sitting in front of me now, but I’ll try and keep this more general.

I’d picked up Justice League 3000 and 3001, as it was being released in trade, each consisting of 2 volumes.

To be honest, I never really knew what it was about, beyond what I could guess, I bought it purely for the creative team - Giffen, Dematteis & Porter.

It’s been sitting beside my bed for about a year, and im trying my best to clear my stack there and scratch the surface of my unread trades - the plan generally being, read them and eBay them - although it’s a real struggle trying to get any sort of money back for Image titles, let me tell you.

Obviously set in the 31st century, this is actually a great way of letting these creators loose on some non continuity justice league characters and the idea is surprisingly very good and also pretty deep when they get right into it.
the team of batman, superman, Wonder Woman, green lantern and the flash are not time displaced originals, not new versions in the sense of the likes of Terry mcguiness - but actually something far more genius than this, that leads to further drama and characterisation - at first it appears they are clones, but they are actually 5 peoplefrom that century who have been combined with the dna of the current day justice league, to form a combination of opposing natures and personalities
As a result of this the book is a very interesting take and explains why these characters are very different in personality of what we would expect from superman and batman etc
It also creates some ethical questions and a lot of conflict between the characters

The books is very busy in both writing and art, an absolute ton of dialogue and a lot going on in the panels - this is both a positive and negative of the book. Whilst it’s a lot to get thru, and you really need to be in the mood to READ…it’s also why after 7 issues I feel I’ve read about this fully realised world, with developed characters all with their own personalities and various agendas and motivations. I fucking hate a lot of dialogue in a book, unless it’s written by someone who really fills the balloons with something that propels the story or builds relationships - and I have to see that for the most part that’s exactly what it does here. Not as well as someone like James Tynion IV, for example, as it is repetitive in places, but if you can bear with it I would say overall the effort pays off.

There’s lots of twists and turns as we learn more about what is going on and it’s a really unique little book that stands firmly on its own.

I know Simon Jones was big on it (anyone heard from him?) back in the day and he was absolutely right.

The problem for me now is that I don’t want to put it on eBay. I think I will regret selling it to be honest, so it’s going to take up some shelf space when my plan was to free some up…maybe I should read The Spread next :joy:


Simon and I are engaged in a mutual impoverishment exercise where we tip each other off about upcoming Big Finish releases.

He sounds like he’s doing fine each time.


Say “hi” for me next time, Ben.


Bendis Teases for 2019 - Instagram

2019- a tease in ten parts! Our annual tradition continues. If you’re just joining us, every year I throw out a 10 part abstract tease of things that are coming in one shape, form or another. These are teases. They are meant to delight and frustrate. There will be no follow-up questions answered here. It’s a tease, ya see :slight_smile: for fun!

Tracking Down Bendis’ 2019 teases - Newsarama

  1. An image of Batman Beyond, potentially drawn by Michael Avon Oeming. Oeming and Bendis are long-time collaborators.

  2. An image of Wonder Woman, artist undetermined.

  3. Close up of page (empty Superman’s suit & cape) from Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29.

  4. A close-up on the cover of Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #114, in which Lois competes with a villain named Thorn for Superman’s affection.

  5. Alex Maleev-drawn Batman from 2013, during Scott Snyder’s “New 52” Batman run. Bendis and Maleev are long time collaborators. (Seen in full above).

  6. Close-up on an undetermined page featuring OMAC, probably drawn by John Byrne.

  7. Close up of Legion of Super-Heroes logo.

  8. Close up of Wildfire’s faceplate, possibly with Polar Boy’s reflection. Direct source still undetermined.

  9. Possible new, original art from Ivan Reis (image doesn’t turn up any results in Google image search), which, judging by the prominently featured pen, may connect to JSA heroes Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder, who kept their mythical wish-granting Thunderbolt in an pen.

  10. Close up of a inked page apparently featuring Jon Kent.


Good god no


Bendis writing LoSH will make @davidm so happy! :wink:


Wait, what?



It’s everything you’ve always wanted, a high profile relaunch of your shitty favorite characters. :wink:


My first assumption is that he’ll do a Superman and the Legion of Super-heroes story just before a new ongoing (with a different creative team).


And the nine-panel page will return and each will be full of dialogue! :smile:


Honestly, Bendis is knocking it out of the park with his current run on Action Comics. I know people like to harp on his writing tics but they most likely haven’t read a book by him in a while. I’m really looking forward to his relaunch of Young Justice next week.

I’m also mostly taking the piss with David. I’m not a huge Legion fan but think it could be a great book with the right team. There are also a lot of great creators who have an affinity for the material.