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Honestly, I’m pretty sure King is pretty bulletproof nowadays.


“Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.”


Here’s hoping.


I think it maybe comes off as a bit odd and perhaps too ‘adult’ and explicit in the context of a superhero event (and context is obviously very important).

But as an isolated image in its own right I don’t find it offensive.

For me it evokes stuff like this (which is obviously playing to a different audience and going for a pulp-y noir vibe, which may not be as apt for King’s story):


Yeah, in my case I was always picking it up as I try all Vertigo first issues. But I doubled up when I heard he was getting death threats. I’m not a fan of people trying to ruin lives using social media, regardless of the angle.


And that’s admirable.
My reaction, as jaded as it might be, was more or less “Well it better be good then”


Yeah. I dropped it after the 2nd issue because it was poorly written. I’m not a fan of pretending something is great because of politics and it happens a lot these days.

Only thing I would add is I feel you are being a bit judgemental of the guy’s character based on online rumours. The main one of which he has come out and outright denied. I don’t think you should judge someone as trash if you don’t know them and don’t know if any allegations about them are true. People love a bandwagon, especially if it gives them the opportunity to make themselves feel good by tearing down others.


I see a comparison to these social media campaigns in bullying that goes on inside schools, particularly with groups of teenage girls.

They start rumours about a friend they have fallen out with, the rumours spread, the rumours get worse and worse and before you know it you have gangs of folk jumping on to pick on someone when they have absolutely zero idea what is the truth and what is not.

If these allegations are false, it’s online bullying and folk chipping should be ashamed of themselves - especially those who have been or claim to have been bullied themselves. They should know better.

Furthermore, even if it is true, it’s got fuck all to do with anyone else other than the victim and the perpetrator and it is investigated and somehow proven to be correct then it should be dealt with appropriately - not trial by social media.

His fellow creators are cowards as well. Desperate not to be tarnished with the same brush, al la Paul Cornell, rather than growing a pair and standing by someone or just staying nothing.
When the shit goes down these are the last people you’d want in the trenches beside you.


I feel like there’s definitely more smoke around these claims than steam. Especially after Villalobos’s statement. And I feel like Villalobos is a coward like you do. For knowing beforehand and then trying to use “well, they were just rumors” after things leaked out. An exact defense that he has ridiculed in the past.
So, I’m willing to think of the guy as culpable. If even a shade of what is being said is true…then it’s still pretty awful.

But I will rescind the words then, Chris. Because you’re right, I wasn’t there. Yet, my sentiment and beliefs will stay the same.

And he lost any thing resembling my respect to begin with when he became one of those creators who used cultural-desperation and politics in order to shill his product despite it having almost nothing resembling quality. Seriously, looking back on how much people completely bought into this series…like genuinely, from his hawking of it…it’s despicable behavior on a lot of levels.


I think I will provide some in-story context for that cover, spoilers for the three released issues:

Ivy is supposed to have been killed in Sanctuary, an event we haven’t seen yet, but that it was mentioned by Booster Gold & Harley Quinn.

So the cover is depicting either her dead body, or her last moments before death trying to write some clue about the identity of the killer.So having a dead body posing like a cover for a magazine (just look at the upper half of the cover, ignoring the blood) is what some people find at least discomforting.

And then you add that she was in Sanctuary to receive psychiatric help after a mental breakdown, and that she was a victim of what DC refered to as a “superhero mass shooting” and well, it is at least a complicated picture.

For comparison, the cover of issue 4


I do agree with a lot of this.

I read some of the reviews and wondered if I was reading the same book. Then I looked at the reviewers and it quickly became obvious where their agenda lay, which isn’t fair of them to do - to promote a book that’s clearly not well crafted because it matches their agenda. I can’t be bothered with it, objectivity goes right out the window, it’s dishonest and sly.


Thanks for that, nice to know the context.


Ah, I thought she slashed her wrist and then tried to write something almost as a suicide note of sorts. I hadn’t been following the story, and didn’t even know it was Ivy.

I don’t find the image any more sexualized than a lot of comics images, even for a corpse. But according to my LCS owner (don’t know his source), DC is feeling pretty touchy about this stuff in the wake of the Bat-cock incident. Supposedly they have drastically changed the end of the Damned too.


I thought she was trying to tell people it was Harry Potter.


I hadn’t heard that. That’s a shame - especially for their first ‘Black Label’ book, given that the line was supposed to be all about creative freedom.


I wonder what would have changed though. Is the ending all about bat-cocks?




I think it might also be the last Black Label title, with the controversy over issue 1 and how the Miller Superman book and the book by the 12 Years a Slave guy delayed indefinitely and gone from the face of the earth (remember the Miller book was supposed to be the line’s launch title).


I had forgotten Miller and JR jr’s book was meant to be the launch title. (I just went back and checked and it was announced as hitting in August 2018.)

Given how their Man Without Fear grew in the telling (originally planned as a long single comic but expanded to a full miniseries), maybe the same thing has happened here.


It would be great if that were the case, and not the first time that’s happened.

I’m only going on speculation on the line in general, but the fact that DC is pretty transparent with a lot of stuff but quiet and vague on this line is a bad sign.