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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here




What was wrong with the last one they got?



The cover in question:


I saw that cover yesterday and yes, it was problematic.

But with DC solicitations coming out in just a couple of days, I will put this in the same category as the “we incorporated the specials into the main series” thingie.


Looks like a fun series.


It’s the greatest chuckle-fest since the Sue Dibney autopsy special.


What makes this worse than the usual superhero stuff? These comics can be pretty violent. Is it the visible blood or am I missing something?


It’s the rather gory depiction of suicide.


Huh… it kinda doesn’t look like a suicide… I mean, it does 'cause of the wrist, but the rest of the image says different.

It’s IS a strong image though, probably a bit too much to use in a SH book, no matter how dark the story might be.

From a purely aesthetical point, I do like it… very well made.


I have to be honest, I probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid if that image turned up on a published cover. It’s sexualised and violent, but that’s true of a lot of superhero comics.


Borderland wasn’t very well written but I don’t like how CBR are posting allegations as fact and how the colourist announced she was leaving the book because of the ‘way he treated’ his former colleague.

That’s us now fully in the world where you are guilty until proven innocent and even if you are proven innocent your life is ruined anyway so you may as well be guilty.

It’s amazing how you just need to be accused of something now. This world has gone backwards in the pursuit of moving forward.

I actually bought 2 copies of the first issue Borderland due to the reactions the writer was getting on social media because of the abuse he was getting on the subject matter. It’s quite amazing how he’s gone from being SJW hero getting abuse from cretins who hasn’t even read his book to SJW villain overnight.


His response below, rejecting the allegations as a fabrication. Oh who to believe.

I was recently accused of misconduct by a former romantic partner. Not recent misconduct. Misconduct which allegedly happened many years ago. Out of respect for her and our prior relationship, I will not publicly name names.

I’ve taken a few days to respond, because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t talking over anyone. We’re in the midst of a very important cultural conversation right now. One I wholeheartedly believe in.

Never in my life did I expect that I would become one of the accused. I will not speculate as to her motivation for making these reckless allegations, but I want to make it clear that they are false. Though our relationship was unconventional, we always treated one another with dignity and respect.

I heavily encourage, and will fully cooperate in, any forthcoming independent investigation of these claims, which I am confident will show that I have been falsely accused.

I have been notified that DC Vertigo has canceled the book I was working on. My heart breaks for the book’s supporters, and my creative collaborators. They don’t deserve to be negatively affected by this unfortunate situation.


They are moaning because she has tits and her ass is in view, that it’s sexualised.

I don’t think it’s Suicide, as it looks like she’s left a message in the blood.


That was my reading of it too.


It is a striking cover. It’s the kind of image that makes me want to pick up the book and see what’s inside.


There’s a classic sort of noir vibe about it for me - a mix of a femme fatale, murder and mystery. I’m not reading the book so I don’t know how accurate that is, but that’s what it conveys to me.


It’s just DC trolling Wally West fans again.


He’s always come off as a cretin though on social media.
And, honestly, more things have come out other than the way he treated just one partner.
In fact, given how many people have been coming forward it seems like it was actually something of an open secret that he was skeevy and stories of his behavior had been circling around him for a while.

Villalobos even mentioned that he had heard “rumors” about Esquivel before joining the book and even approached him about them. So it’s not just this one thing that was new.

Although, it is rather striking, and I’m not talking about you Chris - but actual people I have seen online who were hailing this and praising/supporting it in order to support the “cause” now tearing it down. I mean, I have always thought that supporting a comic for any other reason than enjoyment was a terrible idea and this is why.

Because the comics that end up benefiting are comics that have nothing to offer but propping themselves up as this great cultural-political hope. There are those who hitched a wagon to this, out of some misguided idea that politics were more important than quality, and unfortunately those hurt the most were the people who actually believed in this book. Despite how garbage it was. Because seriously, Border Town #3 was one of the most offensive things I have read about Latin culture since Marvel’s America. It’s actually even worse.

And it’s sickening to also see people try and grand stand about not supporting this book anymore due to the horrible things that have been coming forth. The most we should be hoping for is that the people he’s done these things to - that they get some peace and closure from this. A book like this, a book that was promoted hard by the author as “going to cure racism” and “give you a religious experience” (his words, seriously), being shoved into the spotlight for no reason other than the politics behind it - first being trash and then the author being trash - weakens the community that so desperately wanted to think it was good. Because it wanted itself to be a lightning rod.


It’s definitely a striking image but it doesn’t make me want to read it at all. Just the opposite.
I’m morbidly curious of what’s happening in the book but ultimately think it’s not going to be well received wen it’s complete.