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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Green Lantern 2 is pretty damn great.

It features a Green Lantern whose head is a miniature active volcano.

Better than Watchmen.


That’s Morrison for you.


I wondered when they’d make a second movie and which alternate reality I’d wound up in. Phew.


Alan Moore did that first (though he wasn’t a Green Lantern)


I never even thought Moore was a Green Lantern.


I thought Moore was a Lensman?


The Scottish cover band strikes again!



As a huge 90s DC fan, I’m totally sold on this book. Bart as Impulse, Tim as Robin, Leather jacket Superboy, and Cassie as Wonder Girl. And the new characters look like a lot of fun, too.


I always loved the team, but the previous comic wasn’t the greatest. With all due respect to Peter David, who has written some of my favourite comics ever, YJ wasn’t exactly a must read. I don’t think Todd Nuack’s artwork did it any favours. However, this upcoming run with Bendis and Gleason looks amazing. So excited!



That’s disappointing. Wonder what has happened there. Assumption is that Ridley hasn’t made his deadlines given his relative inexperience writing comics and the massive scale of the book.



This is disappointing. They’ve been working on this book for a decade or more. It’s difficult to fathom the delays.


She looks like some manga and anime designs and proportions. That doesn’t strike me as a problematic depiction. It’s not my thing but it’s not sexualized and it’s clearly a more cartoony/stylized depiction.


What the CENSORED ?


Kurt’s health continues on its rollercoaster. His intentions and mind are fine, but sometimes his body just rebels (kinda like mine). Patience!


Ah, that changes things greatly.

Yeah, health’s more important by far and I’ve been here before on Astro City.

This will come out, don’t know when but it will.


Also, she’s clearly turned in a way that emphasizes it. This is a whole lotta nothin’.


I can’t believe I clicked on that fuckin shite