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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here




Disappointing. I wasn’t entirely sold on the series, but with Hill writing and Batgirl in the mix I was going to give it a shot.


Loeb and McGuiness’ entire run on Superman was generally really entertaining. I loved Joe Kelly’s parallel run on Action Comics. Good times.


Yeah I’m disappointed to hear this, I hope it’s just delayed.
I’ve been hoping for an Outsiders book and I think Hill would be a good choice.


I’m a big fan of the original Outsiders and was looking forward to this. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a delay and not an outright cancellation.


I always think that any sentence that starts with “I’m a big fan of the original [comic property] …” ought to end with “…so why would I want to read this, as it will bear no relationship to the characters I loved”.


Not everyone is a curmudgeon holed up in their fort made of longboxes. :wink:


Miqque, Todd, stick your heads over the Batman parapet on the west tower, and if you can see Ronnie waving a new comic fire a warning shot.


Todd got rid of all his old comics and doesn’t read new comics; and Miqque reads digital comics now. You might be alone in the fort now without realizing it, David. :wink:




Of the four members of this current iteration, three are original members. Plus they seem to have the same mandate as the original team.


I’m not sure why I get such satisfaction out of causing you pain, David. :wink:





To be fair, I don’t read Marvel or DC. I just read a few indies.

Anyway, I thought we remodeled the Batman parapet into a solarium?



A fun little interview with Bendis about the last issue of Action Comics.


The Ongoing New Comics Thread

Another two years or so.


That is quite the plan. I’m hot and cold on King, some of his stuff is brilliant and really works for me, other stuff not so much but that is one hell of an ambitious schedule.

Hope he pulls it off.