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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Henceforth, Jacowboy, I shall call thee brother :facepunch:t3:


Team Tim ftw!!!

No but seriously, he IS the best Robin… they should put him back where he belongs… u_u


It’s absolutely a relationship. The problem is, it’s a parasocial one:


And it’s always going to mostly remain one-sided, why?

  • Don’t buy the book as consumer / fan: Sales go down, company cancels the book - you no longer have stories of that character to buy.
  • Buy the book despite misgivings: Company makes money and the profit validates the very decision you disagree with.
  • Buy the book without sense of attachment: Sounds like it might be a good idea, except it’s a very passive setting, you’ll take what you’re given. Company makes money.

There is perhaps one safe path through this minefield - buy the runs you like, ignore the continuity whirl, because that’s another device to keep you in - so you flip it from engaging with the material on the company provider terms and instead do so on your own. In effect you’re still a fan of character X, but you’re putting your consumer aspect first and fan second, so as to avoid buying anything uncritically.


This is basically what I try to do, while having some self-admitted blind spots where I’ll give them more of a chance than maybe I should.


They teased this in the last issue of Superman. I’m really liking Bendis on the Superman books but this makes me a little wary. I really love Jon and the family aspect that was introduced in the books with Rebirth and his relationship with Damian. I don’t want to see that wasted.

The current Adventures of the Super Sons all takes place between the end of their previous series, Super Sons #16, and the wrap up book for Rebirth era Superman, Superman Special #1. So it all takes place in the past. See the note in the bottom right corner from issue #1.


Solicitations for February 2019 (w/Previews Text)

Is Female Furies meant to be the follow up to Mister Miracle?


Don’t think so.
That joke at the end of the Mister Miracle #12 was just a reference to the original final issue of Mister Miracle, which ended with the same announcement.




It really is a short break, two issues or one month with the double shipping. The sub heading makes it sound like he may eventually return one day. :smile:



Until the next storyline…


That’s what “forever” means in comics.


Are we all agreed that Jim Gordon as Batman never, ever happened?


If it removes the Gordon mohawk too, yeah.


Oh, that goes without saying…!



Robo Bat Bunny Ears WILL RETURN