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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


If they reboot the Legion of Super-Heroes, it doesn’t appear likely to happen before the end of Doomsday Clock, which is looking likely to be the end of 2019.

It’s five years since DC last published an issue of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Ready to have your mind blown? This is longer than the hiatus between the Jay Garrick and Barry Allen versions of the Flash.


Yeah, I don’t think a cameo of an obscure character means much. If a new Legion is being launched I think it’ll come out of whatever Johns is doing in Doomsday Clock.



I did think about that reading it. The kiss filmed by the paps, the gossip columnist wanting to know about the status for Clark and Lois, she has to write an article adding things up but then Supeman’s secret identity is built on a conceit you just have to play along with.


Ya. She was also photographed holding his dead body when he died. It would be a change in the way the stories have been told to this point to go down that path. Not saying it can’t be done but I wouldn’t see it as 100% in line with the headline.




Does Bruce Wayne have a secret identity too? Is he just a Matryoshka doll of identities?



Nope. Not buying it. These arcs are just a con. What would be truly interesting would be for a villain to change substantively and not return to villain status.

For a time it looked like the New Krypton arc of a few years back would do this, contrasting a less harsh Zod against Alura, but it didn’t take.




I miss purple text.


You would…


It’s never been the same since Prince passed away.


Upcoming Superman cover, featuring Jons return…Looks like Bendis is ageing him up. I can understand why they’d want him to be older. But I was hoping they would just keep him as a kid.


Boo! :-1:t3:


Fan response to this news is largely negative. I fully expect Jon to be Doctor Manhattan’d (or Hypertime’d, or Flashpointed, or whatever) back to being a kid again. Or it isn’t Jon. Or something.

I don’t think it will last long.


And this is why I’ve lost interest in the Superman books. The Super-family idea was really good, as was Lex not being an idiotic arse, but 2-3 years later and those elements are either gone or seriously diminished.

Combine that with some less than great event ideas like Heroes in Crisis and some really dubious trade antics and I’ve good reason to be reducing my DC trade buys.

The one area of DC that I remain intrigued by is the Black Label stuff.


That there boy looks all ready to punch a hole in reality.

Oh, wait! have we not done that?


That all seems to have gone a bit quiet lately.

Has anything other than Damned come out yet? (Not counting stuff that’s been retroactively rolled in, like White Knight).