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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Yeah, unslabbed copies are still going at around £50-60.


Uhhh… My what now?



Solicitations for January 2019

I’m pretty excited about young justice

6 words I never thought I’d say


Preview for this week Nightwing 51:


DC is really weird about the whole DICK thing.


It’s in the January solicits:

written by KURT BUSIEK
art and cover by JOHN PAUL LEON
Bruce Wainwright is not the man he believed himself to be. He never was. But when you’ve unleashed horror on the world…what can you do about it? Is Bruce human after all? Or has he become more than a man? It’s the unmissable finale of one of the best-reviewed miniseries of the year, sure to go down as a modern Batman classic!
ON SALE 01.23.19
$6.99 US | 4 of 4 | 56 PAGES


I guess DC is really trying to distance themselves from the Bat Dicks. But Ric Grayson doesn’t feel like it’ll stick for long. Just sounds weird and seems like a silly change for no particular reason.


It’ll stick long enough for people to start calling him “pRic” Grayson, and for DC to spend 5 years realising they’ve traded one penis joke for another.


It’s odd that they’re even dropping the “k”. “Rick” is a much more common spelling than “Ric” in the US.


I was going to say that, but I think it’s like Lorcan says.

Rick is just Prick without the P.
(and something like that may get said at my workplace every so often…)



No one is ever going to refer to him as “Ric” outside of the comic books.




Tomasi has him going by Richard in his criminally short Nightwing run, years ago. I don’t know why they went back on that afterwards. If you have to shorten it the only logical option is Rich.


Or Rick.
Rick works.

Ric is just…weird.


Sounds like you should see urologist about that.


Ric is the greatest.


I knew you were gonna say that.


Something that should make @davidm happy: