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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Ignoring how happy this makes me, it is weirdly schizophrenic of DC to be doing Young Justice at this time. They’re systematically destroying the Titans era legacies, at the same time that they are bringing back the 1990’s legacies. And, minimising the profile of the 2000’s legacies. Not sure there’s an editorial plan here. Just a bunch of high profile creators being allowed to do what they want to do.



Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #1-4 was a “slice of life” of 1960’s Americana. Darwyn Cooke’s story narrows its focus down here to Laurie’s upbringing and first cases. Well done, for what it is, dealing with a host of mother- daughter issues, sexism, and the prevailing 60’s culture. But, it’s a disappointing read after the expansive scope of the Minutemen series.

Amanda Connor’s artwork was as enjoyable as you would expect it to be. Clear, expressive, and with a great storytelling style.


This may be the first DC Black Label book that I’m not all that interested in.



I was on-board for a new Young Justice until I saw Bendis was writing it. I’ve tried enough Bendis team books to know they’re not for me.

Is Bart actually Bart again now? He was a time-travelling psychopath in New 52, I think.


He is. Yes. Came back in Flash #50.


I said it before and I will say it again. This thing with the NTT is personal with Didio. His reasoning and behavior at that Q and A is so weak. As far as I am concerned, Wally did a great job as the Flash and if they don’t want Dick to mature stop writing stories where they mention him taking over the reins of the Justice League.

IMO, An editor should not dictate to a writer what he should write. Abnett had been doing a good job writing the Titans so Didio should have left him alone and not interfere with the book. they should have used some other characters for King’s psych eval/horror show.


So you see why I do not write psychodramas, but stick with superhero stories?


Please don’t ever mention Bar Torr (:rage: ) again.


I’m a massive Dial H (check out my avatar lol) fan and ive just seen that i’ts coming back with Sam Humphries writing. I’ve never read any of his work but I have seen he’s done some Guardians of the Galaxy stuff. Can anyone tell me what he’s like and if he would be agood fit for Dial H?

cheers for any info folks


Of the Before Watchmen writers, Len Wein was the one I had most concern about. Cooke, Azzarello, Straczynski were all know quantities; Wein was the writer of Gunfire.

Ozymandias #1-6, however, was a revelation. It was really quite enjoyable. Written as an autobiography of Adrian Veidt, it tells his life story leading up to moments before the opening of the original maxi-series. It has a knowing nod to the Outer Limits that stretches credulity a little, but is otherwise nicely written.

Jae Lee and June Chung produce some lovely artwork throughout. Although the repetitive page layout inhibits the unique flare that Lee’s work usually displays. John Workman’s singular lettering style, however, is always a joy to see.

Dollar Bill on the other hand was a complete waste of time. Re-telling, as it does, much of the same material already covered by Cooke’s Minutemen series.

The Curse of the Crimson Corsair was told in 2 page instalments, as a backup story in most of the first 3 or 4 issues of each mini-series. It starts off very entertaining, but rapidly goes off the rails when Len Wein leaves half way through (over creative differences, apparently). John Higgins finishes the story off, and it’s an incoherent mess. Great artwork though.


I just read the Batman/Flash crossover “The Button” and now I am interested in the Flashpoint story.

Any comments on either The Button or Flashpoint?


While it was an OK story, the best part of The Button was that opening issue by King-Fabok.


Flashpoint was pretty good I thought. It had more heart than most crossover event books do. The best part, however, was the Azzarello/Risso Batman tie-in story. Those three issues were dynamite.


I liked the tie-ins and the overall world they set up, more than the actual core Flashpoint series.

And the whole thing will always leave a bit of a bad taste for me, since it brough about the New 52.


Lee Bermejo posted this on Instagram.

Don’t they know the digital is still at retail??? Or do they just need that Batcock?


I’ll sell mine for half that.


Have you already memorized the outlines of Bruce’s dick?

I think part of the price on these is the grade. The ones where it’s visible are 9.9.


I hope Bermejo doesn’t work digitally. Because that original page will be worth quite a bit now.