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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Saw Murphy’s teaser on Instagram yesterday. This looks very cool. Might have to pick up the trade for the previous volume sooner rather than later.

Azrael was such a great character in the original mini by O’Neil and Quesada. I think the character was tainted by his foray as Batman. Would love to see a new take on him.


The ongoing series, specifically the first two years with Barry Kitson artwork, we’re also pretty awesome. After that it took a long, spiralling nosedive into mediocrity, and was truly terrible by the time #100 rolled around. An unfortunate end to Denny O’Neil’s tenure on the Bat-books.


Very interesting news. Maybe DC will take this as motivation to issue trades 2-3 of the O’Neil-Kitson run!

They did their usual - publish volume 1, then give up.


That first couple of years were really good. It went way beyond where it should have ended (although I have a fond memory of that arc with Bane vs Azrael right before Cataclysm)



I’m a naysayer on the Liam Sharp art. It looks messy to me with all those lines and cross hatching. I’m more of a ligne claire kind of guy.


I can definitely understand that. But I love all the alien texture and detail he’s added to those pages. In that scene in the alien ship the walls look like they were designed by Giger.


I may buy the first one as a floppy just to see if I can get used to Sharp’s art.


She can’t draw all the books Arjan.


Surprised to see Steve Oliff’s name in the credits box. Pleasantly. He was one of the first colourists who made me sit up and pay attention to, back in the 1990’s.


I’ve never been the biggest fan of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen. I only read it once, something like 20 years ago, and maybe before I was intellectually capable of truly appreciating it. But, whilst I was amazed at the technical proficiency, I found the book distant, cold, and emotionally difficult to connect with. I really should read it again someday to see if my opinion of it has changed in the years since.

That’s a long winded preamble to my saying, I had no problem with Before Watchmen when it was announced. In fact, with the creative talent assembled, I was actually quite excited by it. I never read the series though. Just never felt the urge.

Today, however (prompted, in part by how much I have been enjoying Doomsday Clock), I finally sat down and read Minutemen #1-6, by the late, great Darwyn Cooke. And, it was a pretty great read.

The artwork was amazing. You already know that. However, Cooke’s story was also incredibly impressive. I only intended to read one, maybe two issues; but couldn’t put it down until I had finished the lot.

The series tells the story behind “Under The Hood” - the formation of the Minutemen, the various characters involved, and their many, many, foibles. Interspersed with that is a nasty ongoing mystery that keeps you hooked on what happens next. It’s very well constructed.

I understand that this series is considered by many the best of the Before Watchmen books. We shall see, as I have them all lined up waiting to be read over the next few weeks. If you like Cooke’s work and haven’t given this one a read, I would highly recommend it.


I have them all in singles but haven’t read them since they originally came out. I think your reading has inspired me to revisit.


Btw, there will be an omnibus hardcover of the entire Before Watchmen near the end of the year.

In the latest DC Nation they included the new Heroes in Crisis 3 solicitation, replacing the original one, the first interlude with art by Lee Weeks.

Tragedies deepen as more secrets behind the “superhero hospital” called Sanctuary are revealed! What compelled Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman to create Sanctuary in the first place? How was it built? And if the hospital truly is alive via A.I., who-or what-is the “brain” of Sanctuary? Another layer peels back in the vast mystery waven through the entire DC Universe.

The issue also provides some details on Sanctuary that I guess will be included in that issue, and promises “even more deaths as Sanctuary”.


I think I just died and went to heaven :heart_eyes:




Teen Lantern, a young woman who has hacked a Green Lantern power battery

That could be fun.


Is her name Riri?


Sounds like it could be fun. However, even though he said he wouldn’t, I continue to worry that Bendis is sidelining Jon by sending him into space, and now bringing Connor back as Superboy…Superman as a father, has been one of the strongest parts of Rebirth for me. It would be a shame to lose it.


Very interested in this line, Good line up as well with Humphreys and especially Russell in there

DC may not get it right every time, but they are not resting on their laurels.

Constantly producing newsworthy entertainment since Rebirth

Only thing pissing me off is still no Milestone


We can only only have one Superman, but we can have two Superboys (and two Flash, two GL’s, etc.).
No need to get rid of Jonathan, but Bendis is smart enough predict internet reaction, and not tell us until its been told.

At least I hope so.