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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


The closest comparison that I can think of is that cussing issue of All Star Batman. Though if I’m remembering it correctly, that was just a mishap (whether it was down to the letterer or whoever) whereas this is DC walking back on something that they considered acceptable. Which I suppose isn’t that similar at all.


They’re saving that scene for Superman in his “Black” series.


Well it is Frank Miller so I wouldn’t rule it out.



To be honest, while I think the specials may have been part of the original plan, this feels like adding a couple of interludes by other artists so Mann can get a more flexible deadline and breathe (which is not a bad thing) and avoid another BIG BOOK DELAYED! newscycle.

I mean, issue 3 was already solicited and 4 wasn’t included in the december solicits because it is releasing on the first week of January, and there wasn’t a peep about specials (the first new issue will be replacing the Mann’s third), so if the special was going to be solicited it would have been in January at least, between issues 4 & 5.


I don’t think he’s going to lie about it


The ComiXology “recent hits” Vertigo sale finishes this week. Given the great word of mouth here, I’m tempted to try Unfollow and Clean Room - all three volumes of each are on sale for £3.99 each. Worth doing so? How frustrated am I going to be by a rushed, inconclusive ending on either? Any other books worth investing in?


I would say that it is worthwhile reading them both, however both feel like they have both been drawn to their ‘conclusion’ unnaturally.

The art from both, by 2000ads Mike Dowling and Jon Davis Hunt is superb.
Unfollowed is very clever and well written and Clean Room is twisted, acerbic and very much Simone on good form.

I’ll have a look at the rest of sale and see why else I’d recommend, I think I’ve probably read most of them.


From the rest, in addition to Unfollow and Clean Room I enjoyed and would highly & comfortably recommend

Sheriff of Babylon
Twilight Children
The Names
Imaginary Fiends

I also really liked
Survivors Club
Coffin Hill

I’d stress that you opt for the deluxe edition of sheriff of Babylon, which is all 12 issues for £3.99, don’t buy the two volumes at £3.99 each

There’s a few books on there I thought were pretty shit, so if you are on the fence about anything else let me know and I’ll give you a straight up opinion - I’ve either read or tried most of them.


That’s a good deal, I might have to grab that.


Cheers @ChrisS. That’s a good few of the books I was tempted by. I guess the others were: Suiciders; Lost Boys; Tynion’s Constantine; the Murphy Hellblazer book; and, maybe, Hinterlands. Any thoughts on those?


Well. This is a timely meet-up
It’s Brian Azzarello kids!


I found Hinterland too similar in concept to something like Fables, so I never read beyond the second or 3rd issue

I like Tynion a lot but I found his Constantine to be PG13 Hellbalzer by numbers and I never read the Murphy Hellbalzer because I don’t like Si Spencer

I never read the Suiciders

Lost Boys was ok but I felt it was a bit to much referencing of the first movie - if you are a fan of the movie I’d still recommend getting it


Isn’t “recent Vertigo hits” an oxymoron?


I found the Walmart exclusive Superman and Batman issues with the first installments of King and Bendis stories. Looking forward to reading them.



A nice little primer for Morrison and Sharp’s upcoming The Green Lantern:

Preview pages look great.


I’ve always wanted a Morrison GL book. Just seemed like a good fit. And those pages do look really good, so I’m in.