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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I haven’t read it yet, but I’ll be happy to discuss it properly once I have.


Everyone loves a bit of cock. Plus we have 115k copies, which is a lot for a bloody expensive comic at $8 or whatever it is, and worries it is sold out.

Comics do love to repeat what works.


I’m not really bothered much either way. It just seems like an odd hill to die on. I don’t think the moment was any less impactful without seeing his cock.

It really was an amazing issue. It’s a shame that Lil’ Bruce is what most people are talking about.

I’ll put up a review when I get a chance.


Let us know when you manage to get it up, Ronnie




I wish I could like this post more than once.


I’m worried that my comics guy is going to sell my copy of The Damned on eBay rather than post it to me next month. I don’t think he’d do that, I’ll be rather pissed off if he does.

Can’t wait to get my hands on that Bat-cock.


Well, as expected both my LCSs were sold out. It looks like scalpers are selling copies for £30-40 on ebay (and fuck that, frankly) so I guess everywhere will have run out now.

I don’t fancy reading a censored version of a ‘mature’ book, so I guess my only option is to hang on and hope for an uncensored reprint or collection at some point further down the line. Disappointing.


In the censored version he’s wearing this:


Cheaper to just buy that than the issue itself at today’s prices.


Sold out? It sounds like word of the book’s excellent writing and superb use of narration has gotten out.


I wonder what the hard numbers are on this issue?


That’s a better bet for DC’s press release than “everyone’s buying it because we printed a cock and then decided we shouldn’t have”.


Just on the train home from Thought Bubble. Esad Ribic had been overtaken as the most miserable creator I’ve met at a con, and the winner is…Lee Bermejo!

He was rude, monotone, unfriendly and basically didn’t want to engage with any fans, well the ones i saw at least.


I must wonder if the sudden notoriety he experienced in the last week had anything to do with that.


What are you saying, that he decided to be what he drew?


Maybe he just got fed up of being asked to sign dick pics.


My LCS just posted on Facebook that they are long sold out of the issue and would like people to stop calling them.


Did you ask him to draw a Batwang?


Now that it’s all over the mainstream news, I imagine there’s the usual mixture of casual interest and opportunistic speculators looking for copies, a bit like the Obama Spider-Man issue that time. I’d be surprised if there are many, if any left at retail now.

It feels like DC are leaving money on the table by not doing a straight uncensored reprint, given the surge of interest. But I guess they’re weighing PR concerns against that.

Either way, I imagine someone there is frustrated that there are lots of buyers trying and failing to find a particular DC book that isn’t on the shelves anywhere.

(I know the received wisdom is sometimes that these things are good PR and hype for a book and there are even theories that this kind of controversy is deliberately manufactured as a marketing tool, but regardless a publisher doesn’t want to be in a situation where they’re unable to meet immediate demand: they could be making even more money out of this, instead of the speculators.)