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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Besides, they still show his ass.


I have no need to view a dong. However, for a fellow who only goes out at night wearing underwear, armored longjohns and an extra pair of skivvies on top, being comfortable enough to walk around nekkid is either a sign of his getting better or, much much much more likely is being set up for an emotional disaster. And, as we know, the Waynes are quite exemplary at handling emotional crises.


Nobody has a need Miqque, it’s all about desire.


That is not what she said!


To be honest (and I say this without having read the issue yet), the reaction from some quarters over this nudity makes me realise that as much as you can try to put a legitimately ‘mature’ book out there, a lot of readers are always going to react to it in an immature way.

So if they’re censoring reprints, maybe DC have realised that they need to row back on it because some people are always going to overreact to stuff like this, and end up dominating a conversation that should be about the other strengths of the book.

Aside from a few of the more considered responses to the book that I’ve read (mostly on this board) , I’ve heard virtually nothing else about this comic other than the nudity controversy, and I can’t believe that’s the most noteworthy thing about it.


You need to read Robert’s review of it. I think it’s in the new comics thread.


I tried to keep my write up as vague as possible for spoiler reasons but it might be the best DC comic published in an era when there has been no shortage of great DC comics. It is funny that this is all people are talking about but if it gets more people reading the book then great.

I guess there’s nothing new to the notion that we can handle violence and gore but not nudity, and particularly male nudity. We’re a strange culture.


Robert’s review falls into this category:

… and is one of the main reasons I’m keen to read it.


I really like the view of the Batman’s corner of the DC Universe in Damned. It has the “heightened reality” edge of a high budget television series without the rushed feeling of a movie.

The nudity really does come at a pivotal emotional moment when something really wonky is going on, we’re talking crazy wonky where Bats is “naked” against what he may be facing. . .


For similar balance from Declan Shalvey after the joke:


That’s sort of my point. It may have been an artistic choice to go down this route; but, it was a poor artistic choice. It has totally over shadowed the great writing and art elsewhere in the book. Which, is an incredible shame.


Clearly, comics fan need to read more Jodorowsky.


Or watch his movies.


I’m hoping that we can get to the stage where Bruce Wayne’s penis gets to hang out and nobody bats an eyelid.


Me too. Seriously, who gives a shit? Damn near every male on Earth sees one every day. The nudity stigma, particularly in art, PARTICULARLY with the male anatomy, is silly.


Saw someone refer to it as Lil Wayne and I’m upset I didn’t think of it first.


Let’s get Michael Bay to make the movie version!


I think The Batawang is still my favourite.


And, yet, it’s still all that we’re talking about.


If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be talking about the book at all. Maybe 3 or 4 posts in the new comics thread and that’s it.