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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


So, I picked it up. After I read about some of the price gouging and DC’s reprint plans, I figured, “why the hell not?”

My usual store has a 1 per customer policy right now, but they aren’t jacking up the price, at least not so soon.


This is the biggest sales boost we’ve seen in a long time. I better we’re going to get Spider-Man’s dick in a comic pretty soon.


I can hear Dan Buckley now “we’re going have a major character dick every quarter”.


It’s already been done.



It has become the latest sales phenomenon:


I’d say it always has been. Watchmen is one of the biggest selling books ever.


Captain America’s goes to the floor.


What’s in that serum?


Sadly, I have no idea.


Nothing good for you.


Hard to believe Krazzy Rhino 25000 may not be good for you.


All dreams must die eventually.


I went into my LCS on Thursday and the were all sold out of B:the Damned and unable to order more. Apparently Diamond is not allowing any reorders so if any of those 115,000 were still in the warehouse, the comic is became even more valuable.


It holds true for Saga too, right?


Mature stories.

Gratuitous dick pictures aren’t really all that mature.


It’s not gratuitous.


So it really does further the plot?

I’ll admit I haven’t read it, so I didn’t realise that.


Something doesn’t have to further the plot to be non-gratuitous. Creating mood, building character, imparting certain non-plot-essential information visually, all of these are important things that the art can and should do.

From what I’ve heard, this sounds like an attempt to create a sense of vulnerability and humanity for Bruce, which sounds reasonable.

I’m quite looking forward to reading it, but I’m starting to worry that my LCS won’t have any copies left come Saturday morning.



Yes, that is exactly it. It’s used to portray a moment of vulnerability for Batman, and is a genuinely frightening and affecting scene.

It’s not like, him in the shower soaping himself up with his schlong hanging down.