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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Was this only in the print addition? I got the digital version and didn’t notice any dong.


Yup, DC censored the digital.


All that money and Ronnie didn’t get his full dong’s worth. Shameful DC!


I’ve got plenty of my own to tide me over. :wink:


DC = Dick Censors?


Well, we all heard about what they did to Nightwing. It’s a troubling pattern.


Am I wrong in thinking this might be a bit of a first-world problem?


So you’re saying that when it comes to sex, you can hold your own? :wink:


While I’m not freaking out about not seeing Bruce’s Batarang. They’ve now censored this and Batman: The White Knight. I thought the whole point of the Black Label line was for it to be mature reader stories.


I agree with this, and I also don’t like tweaking the digital version if nobody is being hurt.

A penis that is 95% obscured by shadow is not hurting anyone. Approving the print and censoring the digital is a pretty lame move.


It’s a little weird to have put it in, in the first place. What does it add to the story? I don’t know what nipples added to White Knight, or what a penis adds to this. But, haven’t read it yet. Maybe it’s critical to the plot. It certainly seems to be all that’s being spoken about, rather than the story or art.


I think Batman was just supposed to be naked for a few pages and instead of drawing him in the usual work-around poses Bermejo just said “screw it, it’s for the mature line” and put the occasional outline of Bruce’s sidekick in.


The DC Gods Hath Spoke:

Now, this is how one makes a collectible comic! Kudos, Bermejo!


Ugh, now I wish I hadn’t drawn giant hairy balls in mine with a pen.


Now, if we can just get some radical right (or left, don’t matter) wingers to make bonfires of the remaining issues (after they have been purchased, of course, complete with sales tax) - we really might have something!

It sounds funny, but had a hunch about Conan #1 a billion years ago, and lived off the proceeds of some of those issues for about a year. (I tried to get as many as I could, dumped the damaged ones quickly, the rest were bagged and boarded, a rarity at the time.) When something like this happens, those who can, should.


This reminds me of the controversy with Peter Parker’s dick in Spider-Man: Reign.


White Knight was not originally a Black Label book and made one retroactively. I don’t think having a shadow over Bruce’s wang instead of showing full frontal distracted from anything.


I’m sure it’s not a crucial element to the story or anything. But the creators obviously thought they could get away with it since it’s a mature readers line. And DC must’ve agreed if it made it to print.

They launched the line as having “Edgy and provocative stories”. And that the creators would have “The highest levels of creative freedom”…But the second whispers of even the outline of Batman dick hit the Internet. DC chickens out and start censoring it.

It’s obviously different for White Knight, since it’s been brought in for its trade release. But why even bring it into a mature reader line, if you’re going to take the mature content out?..


This is the same company that originally published The Boys then got cold feet…


I guess if you just really need that batjunk. :wink: