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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


This doesn’t seem like he was kicked off the book though. He had a big fantasy novel trilogy picked up, along with a possible film adaptation, and has to focus on writing it.


DiDio is a polarizing person. He sets my Spidey-sense off, just a little bit. Dunno why. There appear to be huge cracks in multiple continuities, and maybe not the best direction forward. Very iffy time.


I’m going to hold my water on this until I see how it plays out and the manner in which it plays out.

DC have too much credit in the bank with me for the moment, so I trust them.
However I can understand where others, who have strong connections to characters, are disappointed at some of the rumours floating about.

I’m generally doing my best not to click on anything or read any news or rumours about it, but I think I have the just from what people are saying in this thread.





“Bruce Wayne was too afraid to save his family” -> :frowning:


I’m not a huge Martian Manhunter fan but that looks like it has a lot of potential. I really like the design work too.


No shit! Hey, let’s blame the 7-year-old! He’s not nearly traumatized enough, let’s blame the whole thing on him. Why, he probably nagged his parents to take him to the movies in the first place!

And Kal-El ran away after purposefully blowing up Krypton!

And they wonder why sales drop, “re-imaginings” of characters do not work, and every DC movie does its very best to insult or tank.

Corporate Warners are obviously morons.


I’m interested in a new Martian Manhunter series but not one written by Orlando.

Lobdell taking on Nightwing doesn’t strike me as a move that will entice new readers either.


Yeah, Orlando gives me pause. Especially since it’s 12 issues. 12 is way too long for Orlando.

Agreed as well with Lobdell on Nightwing. Especially since it seems like an editorial movie. With RHATO, he’s got a lot of gumption. Wonder if that will carry over onto Nightwing since it seems more shunted.


I am consistently amazed at the number of chances some writers get. It’s like you earn tenure in this industry after one year.


With Orlando not a lot of people in the casual sphere knew of him before Midnighter and Midnighter was pretty okay…but everything outside of that has quickly turned the ship.


I can’t quite see if the Nightwing move is editorial putting Lobdell in place or him being called for because Percy left of his own accord and Lobdell is fast and available. The Batman office have tended to use newer writers rather than look back in recent times but who knows?


To be clear I wasn’t trying to single him or Lobdell out per se. It was a stray thought that has been percolating for a while and can be applied to a third of the industry at any given time.


I’ve never read much of Orlando but I thought he’d had some work that was fairly well received like Justice League of America and Midnighter.


I’m a bit with Chris. I’ve never quite taken to Orlando’s work, it isn’t bad but I find it quite bland and lose interest.

However a lot of people do rave about Midnighter so I’d say give it a try if it interests you.


I haven’t read much of Orlando’s work, but the artwork looks pretty good and the interview makes it sound promising.


I thought I liked the JLA series but I was actually in love with the idea of these characters all in one team rather than the execution of it.

I was enjoying quite a lot of the arcs early on then losing interest quickly.

I think robert maybe said in the past that Orlando is good at coming up with story ideas but the actual comics themselves don’t live up to the idea. I’d strongly agree with this point.

I’ve read maybe a 8 to a dozen different things Orlando has done and the only thing I’ve really enjoyed all the way through is the first batman/shadow crossover.

I’ve been burned too many times and it’s a shame because he’s on the electric warriors and Martian Manhunter books coming up, both of which I would like to read but both of which I feel I’d be let down by so there’s no point.

His books just don’t draw me in all, I suspect it’s poor character work and boring dialogue/writing style that is the problem for me.


Yeah, the art of that Martian Manhunter series looks nice. But I’ve given Orlando’s books several tries, and each time I find myself zoning out while reading his dialogue.