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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Carey’s Lucifer is a brilliant continuation of what happened after Sandman in the Vertigo supernatural universe.


Well, thank God this is over:


Lol. As if there was any doubt! How was the story though; that’s the important question? Worth reading, as someone who hasn’t followed Priest’s run until now?


Deathstroke and Batman should have sung Abba songs, badly, for the full effect.


Dancing Queen?


Apparently Bruce Wayne does a mean version of Money, Money, Money.


The headline is shit. If you like great Priest stories that involve Deathstroke and Batman then yeah, this was a good event. It was never a question that Batman isn’t Damien’s father. Or at least not since the first issue. Both Batman and Deathstroke knew it was fake but didn’t know who was manipulating them to fight.
That’s the true mystery here.



No! Not Dick’s lustrous locks!


If you’re still in the market, I’d vote for Williamson’s Flash. He’s become my favorite writer in the title after Waid and possibly ahead of Johns (excluding Flashpoint, which is an all-time favorite for me). He’s right up there with the best of Manapul/Buccellato at the very least.


I actually went an entirely different direction and bought Tomasi and Gleason’s Batman and Robin hardback omnibus. Rebirth Flash is definitely on my radar for my next big splurge. Not a matter if I buy it so much as when. Appreciate the advice…I’m looking forward to eventually getting this run.


Agreed. As much as Wally will always be my Flash, the Rebirth run has given me a great appreciation for Barry, more so than Johns’ run with Barry or anything in the Nu52.



So, Heroes In Crisis is about to hit, and with it a new wave of rumoured Didioisation that promises to fuck with everything that I have learnt to love again about the DCU. Tim Drake and Kyle Rayner are rumoured to be amongst the potential victims, of a homicidal Wally West. Whilst Dick Grayson is going to get shot in the head. If that comes to pass it will, in the space of literally a month, have ruined everything about Rebirth in the last 2-3 years. It would be a move of self flagellation on an epic scale. Suffice to say, it’s the sort of move that would drive me away from DC, in much the same way that the New52 did. Just saying.


If that’s true, fuck Dan Didio.


Say it again for the people in the back!


That… hasn’t Didio been trying to kill off Dick since he got there?


Wait, is that really what Heroes in Crisis is supposed to be about? That sounds absolutely terrible…I haven’t read much DC or Marvel in a while, but that would probably keep me away from DC for a good while longer.


I wouldn’t put it past it, given Mr. Miracle.


I wasn’t going to bother but if it’s as good as Mister Miracle, I’m in. :wink: