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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I guess I’ve been putting wee bits and pieces together. Bendis went to DC, posted a bunch of photos from the archives but mentioned (twice, IIRC) it being “uncommonly busy”. The takeaway in shorter videos comes down to whatever is on the stream when premiered will be added to. About a month in the first original content drops. As soon as they have clearances and all the stuff legally necessary (my friend does clearances, it’s a mess) it will appear. The plan is to have new content every week.

Which, IIRC, is what was said about “52” the title and “nu52” and and and …


Yeah, that’s where I’m at. I’d like to give it a try, but I worry it’ll just be a random selection of #1s. I don’t want to be paying $5 a month just for DC to try to market their comics to me by letting me read the first issue of a few big series. Their lack of transparency on what, exactly, they’ll be offering on the service is concerning and has kept me from signing up.


Another odd thing about the service is that their first original series doesn’t launch until a month after the service launches. You’d think they’d want something to attract people from Day One, but I guess not.


That’s where the effectively-three-months-free comes in. Gives them a chance to work out the bugs, beta-test, and gather stats from hardcore fans. That is where we faceless fans can actually make an impact; get the package if we’re going to want it at all and make noise. Have it streaming somewhere. Send comments sooner - it’s the first month and third they will listen best. Many comments on one topic is best, no rambling. Kidnapping Kevin Smith is a possibility, but I hear he’s terribly high maintenance. It really is the cost of a movie rental a month. Ain’t bad.


Yeah, I would have thought they wanted to have at least a couple of the original series ready to go at launch, but as of right now Titans is the only one that even seems to have a clear release data and it’s a month after launch. Everything else seems to be coming sometime in 2019. I don’t know, not a lot of incentive to jump on board early. Right now the service still has failure written all over it.


Basically, Jones was going to go the Captain America route, the plot that created U.S.Agent and Rogue Steve (or whatever he was calling himself). I liked what Jones was doing across all his Green Lantern comics, especially Mosaic, which if it had been given any real attention would’ve been heralded as a landmark comic. (With what’s been revealed about Jones in recent years, I begin to doubt this will ever happen, alas.) But his main Green Lantern series was also very safe, the complete opposite of what DC increasingly wanted. If I’d been DC, again, I would’ve simply taken him off the main book and let him continue on Mosaic. But I’m also perfectly happy with everything that ended up happening. Kyle Rayner was unquestionably my Green Lantern, even though I knew and appreciated Hal’s legacy. (And really, all Jones would’ve done was replicate what other writers had done with him, and that feels like a cheat, but then he was writing a kind of Mark Waid Flash before Mark Waid wrote Flash, just without any big stories. It was all one long love letter.)


The Captain.


I thought so. But it’s just so…bleh.


What has been revealed about him in recent years?


Nothing good:


Ah jeez



Are you kidding? There are more mental patients to beat up than ever before!


All the other billionaire playboys should have useful hobbies as well!


Are CBR’s grasping-at-straws hypotheticals outdated in the age of common sense?


Comixology is having a sale on DC collections…I was thinking about picking up the run of Rebirth Flash, but I haven’t heard a lot about it. Anyone know if it’s worth it? It’s either that or Carey’s Lucifer.


Rebirth Flash isn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be, having enjoyed some of Williamson’s creator owned stuff. I found it repetitive and it tailed off. Not a great fan of the art though, which could have been a factor.

Carey’s Lucifer is well worth checking out, it’s the slow build stuff that he does really well - if you enjoyed his Hellblazer run you would enjoy this.


Carey’s Lucifer is a personal favorite of mine, so that would get my vote.


They have a listicle to answer that. Number 4 will shock you!

Also, please click on the pop up ads!


Is this Carey’s Lucifer run from the 90s/00s? If so, pick that! It’s one of the great Vertigo series of all time.