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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


That sounds very very dumb.


Everyone knows Superman would never kill.


If he’s accused of snapping someone’s neck, then he absolutely did do it.


But the headline “Superman is unsuccessfully framed for murder (obviously)” doesn’t sound nearly as good. Though it would be more honest since that’s what actually happens.


Enh, a glacier would do.


Just when I was about to give up on Doom Patrol. This cover is amazing.



I’m going to go out on a ‘limb’ and say, Swamp Thing.


But we will only know for sure after a 20-part “Battle for the Weeds” crossover event.


Battle for the Weed is a very different thing.


Miqque has sent that proposal in to DC 300 times, one day they’ll accept it.


Is this the one where Miqque becomes the new “Guardian of the Green”? :wink:



That Sean Gordon Murphy! He’s always standing in the way!


“The Player on the Other Side” is one of my favorite Batman stories and one I’d have loved to see get the animated movie treatment.



So I’m interested in the DC streaming service, but only for the comics. And $75 for 15 months is pretty good. But! They say it’s a “curated selection” of comics, which gives me pause. That sounds like it’ll always be a small amount of titles why not just throw everything on there? Do like marvel and have a delay — heck even a year’s delay would be fine



Watched some of the 3-hour-plus intro. Limited for a while, but it will grow. The big thing I got was there’s a discount for signing up now, like 3 months worth. By the premiere I bet the price is up to $75/12 months. Not bad.


I think the question is if they regularly update new titles. To be fair it takes them a while to build the full catalogue and Marvel are still adding a couple of dozen old comics each week.

I get the feeling DC don’t want to do that though, they’ve been very reluctant about the model before. I think it sounds like it will be more like Comixology Unlimited where the additions are rather random.