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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


That’s fair. I’ve been through some pretty severe depression and feel like it treats it very respectfully. I honestly find encouragement from this particular story because it feels like someone really gets it and is able to blend it into a wider story and mythology.


I would say though as much as I have loved Mister Miracle he does have a mighty task to close it off.

Listening to his recent WB interview he said the book is in DC continuity but clearly also not as very weird things go on. He mentioned a ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ style scenario so it probably isn’t that.


Oh ya. Two issues doesn’t seem like enough time to wrap it up. There is a way that wraps a lot of it up that really fits with New Gods cosmology. I’m afraid that’s the direction it’s going. Will be curious to see if it does.


I deal with depression as well and I think that Mister Miracle was the absolute wrong character to use for this story. His whole conceit is being able to escape that baggage. And how King has tried to mire him into it has come off as forced and being cheap.

Yes the theme is about him escaping it, but there’s no real concrete foundation for it other than a lot of shoved in compromises to the core. I kinda on no hope Heroes in Crisis won’t be more of the same.


That sounds like something that could get me to buy a Green Lantern book.


I plan on at least giving the first issue a try.

Speaking of which, it’s Wednesday, isn’t it?



Batman this week is spectacular.

That is all.


I could not give a rat’s ass about Dc’s stories linking up or not.

If they do and they do it in a way that makes the other stories referenced optional, cool; if it becomes mandatory to read the other stuff then they’ve failed


I’d rather they don’t and this is an opinion also shared with Marvel and dating back to around 1988.

I’m a huge fan of the fact that Rebirth, nearly 2 and a half years ago teased some massive DC restructure and since then nothing of any note has happened with it. I’ll be even happier if when Doomsday Clock finishes in a year or so on current schedules none of it matters. :smile:



When it works, it can be great but I really think DC correctly judged that comic fans had wearied of the continuity swirl that Marvel relies too much upon.


I’ll third this. It’s reached the point with both companies that if a series hits a good groove I hope it ends before they try and incorporate it more into the universe.



Doesn’t he meet literal gods regularly?


He was even in the JLA with an actual angel. I’m not sure why anyone feels the need to point out Batman’s religious beliefs, though. I couldn’t care less and never once even wondered about it.




Does anyone have any update on Batman: Creature Of The Night by Kurt Busiek and John Paul Leon? It looks like three issues came out but I can’t see a release date for the fourth and final issue anywhere, and I’ve barely heard anything about the series since the first issue came out.

I’m tradewaiting it but I’d be interested to hear if it’s been any good and if anything is known about why #4 seems to have dropped off the schedule.


It is very good, Dave. Although not Secret Identity good, at least after the first 2 issues. The story is not as immediately accessible or enchanting. There’s an element of “what the hell” to it that feels like a betrayal of the concept. But, superbly written and drawn. I have held off reading #3 until I hear about #4’s revised shipping date.


Yeah it’s really good but I’m moving to trade on it I think, after the long delay.

I’d hummed and hawed about getting in in physical copies and ended up going digital which I regret slightly. So I think for me trade is the right way to go as I feel I might want to read it a few times.

On a similar subject, the azarello and bermejo Batman black label book is coming out in prestige format first…I really want to have it print, I just feel like digital won’t do bermejo’s art justice but then if it is great I’d prefer to have it one volume

I wish they’d just go the OHC route with these from the off.