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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


That’s disappointing, however one less thing for me to read each month

I’ve actually got that issue sitting beside me just now

Even if you pay the 1.99 it is good value, there’s quite a lot in it


“while still a cheap medium”… seriously Dan??? :smile:


Everything that Morrison says there sounds pretty great. I’ve really missed him in DC proper.



I’m still not sold on this as something for the DCU. I can easily see this as something exclusively for the Batman family but not the DCU as a whole.


Similarly to Identity Crisis I think it’s something that would work well as a standalone series, the knock on from which though led to a lot of depressing stories. The concept is interesting and King has the experience to add some insight. I don’t think it’s something that should set the tone for the DCU with everyone walking around traumatised.

We’ll have to see how DC approach it. With Batman they released Metal which was absolute superhero craziness with flying Joker faced dragons and completely ignored it in the regular Batman book which was doing character pieces about his relationships with Catwoman and Clark etc. It’s all in continuity officially but they just don’t have to follow it and can carry on telling the stories they intended to. I’ve always been fine with that approach even if some continuity nerds probably aren’t.


I just don’t want 25 issues of Flash crying after the next Crisis over what he saw/did to save the multiverse. Not that I’d buy a Flash comic regardless, but you get what I’m saying.


I absolutely get what you are saying and that’s my feeling too. I’m interested if it operates mostly as its own thing.


For all that I’m wary of Heroes in Crisis, I do recognise that King has a unique skill set that might well enable this story to surprise in a positive sense.


Since I decided to put King on my not read list, I tend to notice negative things about him. I ‘love’ the fact he is saying how his event “Heroes in Crisis” is going to affect the entire DCU and make major impacts on its characters WHILE he completely ignored the last Event to tell his stories.

Personally, I think giving Superheroes PTSD is a little too mature and depressing so hopefully his event is not going to be that universe affecting.

Heroes in Crisis sounds like DC’s version of Secret Empire.


All of King’s work has been self-contained. He wasn’t the one who wrote “Night of the Monster Men,” the first Rebirth crossover. Someone else wrote the Batman material. He wrote one of the “Button” issues, but that was someone else, too. Even the wedding specials weren’t billed as mandatory. I see no reason to believe there will be crossovers for Heroes in Crisis. Expect a Mister Miracle self-contained event, I’d say.

(Edit to acknowledge that he participated in Kamandi Challenge, before someone points that out.)


It’s not just him though to be fair. All the other books ignored Metal too. It’s not really a Batman book but features all the big characters. There was no mention of it in Wonder Woman (or Superman as far as I know).


Justice League is the only book that really acknowledges it and that’s because it spun directly out of it. I’m ok with that. Having things all line up isn’t always the best idea.


This is also the selling point they made at Metal’s launch to bear in mind too:

It’s a big tour of the DCU — things I think are core to even the origin story of the DCU itself, to things that are really, really new. It ties into things in Tom [King]’s run, it ties into things in James’ stuff, it ties into things in Green Lanterns right now, and in Pete [Tomasi]’s Superman, and into the material with “The Button;” it works in coordination with that, too.

It really didn’t tie into Tom or James’ run at all in any way (I didn’t read Green Lanterns or Tomasi’s Superman to say confidently). I failed to see any link with ‘The Button’ either.


I was reading Superman and didn’t notice anything. Sounds like marketing. I really thought it worked better that not everything had to slave to it.


Yeah agreed and I mentioned it because that may well end up being the same for how “Heroes in Crisis” will change the DCU that Don is reading about.


I really like what King is doing with PTSD and depression in Mister Miracle. It seems to fit that character so well and really makes the issues explored seem more human than it really should for a superpowered god. I’m just not sold on that sort of story fitting the wider DCU yet.


I like the characacter. Scott and Barda were among my favorites in JLI. But even before my recent disenchantment with King, I couldn’t read this. I deal with PTSD(non war related, but still tough) and Depression on a daily basis. I read comics to escape it. The last thing I want to read is something that reminds me of it


To me comics are just like any other medium. I’ve never really considered they need to be escapism although often that’s exactly what I want. Like TV or film or books or theatre sometimes we want a bit of social realism (l or daft comedy or searing satirical comedy or psychological horror or wish fulfillment.

Obviously that’s different if you deal with a certain subject or condition daily and want a break from it but I’d assume you also don’t want to watch PTSD related movies or TV shows either.


exactly. Sometimes a show I watch regularly will do a episode about that topic and I will skip it or gloss over it.