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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


Including alternate universes and possible futures.


This is bullshit. Brennan’s a fantastic colourist.


He really is. I don’t understand why they would hire him on just to do this?
It’s not like that couldn’t have been discussed way before the fact.


Yeah. And, given the familial relationship with Matt Wagner you’d think someone would have thought better than pissing off another veritable comic book legend. There’s just no excuse for this. It’s just dumb.


This is like back when John Byrne once retconned Spider-Man’s origin.


Another Superman origin story? Awesome… :neutral_face:


Maybe a future issue of The Flash will reveal that Barry Allen ordered all the chemicals for his crime lab at the CCPD from Ace Chemicals, too?

Geez, don’t go giving them ideas now!


On that subject, I never thought the X-Men were a good analogy for minories, because people is normal people all the same regardless of their sexual orientation or race, and Mutants are walking weapons of destruction that can make things explode or shoot lasers from his eyes, often without control of their own powers. I think people in the Marvel Universe are more than justified in fearing them as much as people fear a man with a gun on the street.


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It would make a lot of sense to update this. About seventeen years in the making.


That was a good interview, and definitely helped me to understand a little better what he was going for with Metal.



I find these comments from Dan Didio in his DC Nation column interesting and encouraging

As successful as Rebirth has been, 2 and a half years down the line and I think we’d agree that it has surpassed expectations, it pleases me to read that DC are not resting on their laurels.

I agree with Dan that the industry is too saturated at the moment, with too much competition for people’s time, attention and hard earned cash. To continue to survive and compete DC are going to need to continually review how they do things and that the talent they have on the team is working for them. But it’s important to respect the heavy hitters and talent you have and who have delivered for you in the past.

Buzz is one thing, genuine ability is another. There’s been a lot of young guys who have made a big splash but when they are given a bunch of books to write it becomes apparent that they really don’t have much of value to say and often high concepts and energy initially mask poor or mediocre writing.

Half the battle is getting the right talent in, because as much as there is some good stuff coming out of places like image and other less mainstream publishers, most of it is poorly written. Good craft will always hold its own against youthful exuberance.

DC brought a bunch of these guys in during he new 52 phase and it was part of their failure.
Marvel has been doing it for a while now and it is also part of why they are struggling.

One or two guys will break through, but when you start focussing all your attention on finding the next big thing, you lose focus on the here and now.

DC seem to have a good handle on this at the moment, I hope that continues. Make the best comics you can and keep one eye on the future, but don’t take your eye off the road or you might find yourself in the ditch.


I get DC Nation sent to me as part of my monthy bundle from 86th floor comics.

It’s actually a great read - it almost fills the gap left by wizard, albeit with all the focus on DC.

It’s a good way to have an awareness of what is going on in comics you are not reading and to listen to the creators and editors thoughts on their books, which sheds some light into the motivation for certain story events, character arcs and plot directions.

One thing that stuck me was Bob Harras appearing on this teaser map for Heroes In Crisis, which is quite fun.

Also, Tom King talks about it being quite a personal tale, related to his experiences fighting overseas and the mental toll.
This may help ease the sale to those who have strong reservations against the concept.


It’s a good package, even Tom Brevoort praised it the other day (so maybe Marvel will follow suit). He said there’s a few ex-Wizard staff working on it.

It’s free on Comixology anyway if people can’t pick one up.


Image was doing something similar with its Image+ magazine but it is coming to an end soon. It was also $1.99 and not free.


Yeah I’ve been reading that as well - it’s free with previews

Is it ending? That’s a shame. It was a good way to decide whether to pick books up. The 3 page previews made it easier for me to know whether the writing or art styles were going to put me off


Morrison’s pitch for Green Lantern is included in DC Nation 3; it sounds just what is needed to inject a bit of life into a part of the DC Universe that’s become a bit stale and repetitive.

Respectful nod to Johns as well