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DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here


I had to ask my phone that one. I got the answer “Over- Powered”.

I dont know when I turned into my dad, but I honestly fear for the future of the planet.


Wait, did y’all not know what OP stood for, for real?


For real. I think “operations” (Black OPs)


Or a different understanding that addresses some of the complexities that sci fi from half a century ago didn’t bother with.


It’s been internet slang for overpowered for at least 8 years.


It actually has 2 very common meanings, over-powered (for games) and original post(er) (within the context of internet forums/threads/posts)… =P

But yeah, both of them are pretty known.


That’s such a dad thing to say!


I had not seen it before.

At first glance though, I thought it said OPP. Now THOSE would be some interesting lists! :smile:


I see it everyday in my gaming groups. Everyone wants to know what to use to be OP. :slight_smile:


Again, it’s just someone else getting on the bandwagon and taking thing too far. Sometimes these folk bring the fanboy backlashes on themselves.

I read comics to get away from all this bullshit.


Bruce Wayne’s white privileged life is insulting in today’s contempory society to the only people who are really struggling with issues. it would have been so much harder if his parents were murdered and he was trans.
I’m sure there’s a lot of drama to be pulled out of that in a way that is far more sensitive to 0.001% of the audience, as we read his/her struggles in using the female toilets and with the general public’s poor understanding of correct gender pro-nouns, as she takes to the streets armed with a bat-placard to rally against this injustice.

Straight, white men are a cowardly and intolerant lot. To force acceptance into their hearts I will become Bat-trans.


For real.


Focusing on an issue in a way that might avoid offending or excluding others isn’t inherently an attack on straight white guys. My point in the response is that if someone thinks DeConnick’s comment reflects a misunderstanding of science fiction, then plenty of people who study it professionally disagree with you (I’m referring to the authors of the books I mentioned, not myself).


Is it just me, or do JLI and “grimdark” not feel right together?


There’s a range that it could work in. The early JLI issues, while comedic, definitely had a certain amount of darkness to them. And there’s a dry, almost absurdist, humor to King and Gerads’ Mister Miracle along with the nihilism.


I encountered it most often in relation to Anime characters - DragonBall mostly - rather than American comics. I think it bled over from there.

Speaking of - I got around to reading a few of Bendis’ new Superman comics (Superman, Action and the Man of Steel mini). It’s not bad - or particularly extraordinary.

I can’t really tell if there is much of a difference now from any of the Superman stories that I’ve read in the past few years from Johns or JMS (Earth One). I don’t find it as interesting as some of the recent classics like ALL-STAR SUPERMAN, BIRTHRIGHT or AMERICAN ALIEN.

Is there something I’m missing? Has Bendis brought anything in particular to the character? He does seem about as powerful as he was before Infinite Crisis which is somewhat more powerful than the New 52, but that could be part of the whole Rebirth return of Superman. I haven’t really kept up with all the various multiversal continuity revisions.


I can’t fully explain it, but for me there’s a certain naturalness to Bendis’ Superman that I find appealing. I like certain touches like the criminals using coded language to avoid being heard by Superman. It’s nothing groundbreaking so far, but I feel about it the way I do when Waid writes Captain America and I think, “Oh, now I get why people like this character.”


Damn. Sorry to hear Gleason won’t be staying on Action long. Glad to hear he will be doing something else with Bendis though #1001 was a great issue.